‘Bachelor’ Recap: Tierra LiCausi’s Dramatics Reach A New Height

Tierra finally got her comeuppance on the Feb. 5 episode of 'The Bachelor,' as she ended up getting 'hypothermia!' Is Sean Lowe is finally starting to see the light? Tierra LiCausi is probably looking up the meaning of the word karma right now, because she just got served up a hefty dose of it! The Bachelor's biggest villain ever was left with hypothermia -- the paramedics have been on this show so many times now they should join in on the dates -- after jumping into an ice cold lake. Yet, Sean Lowe still remains as the most unintelligent person on the show.

The Bachelor Tierra Hypothermia
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Sean & Catherine’s Private Date

This episode takes place in the Canadian Rockies, because apparently Montana  last time was not outdoorsy enough. Sean takes lovely Catherine on a private date, where they both wear adorable onezies as they frolic in the snow. Nothing says romance like looking like an over sized baby while freezing your ass off.

After doing some flips in the snow, Sean takes Catherine somewhere more romantic. To an igloo made of ice! Once again, the imagination of the ABC producers amazes me. The date seems to be going well, until Catherine tells a TERRIFYING story about how she was nearly hit by a tree and died as a child. So sexy. But she still gets a rose. Yay!

“Catherine has melted my heart,” Sean says. So cheesy, but we’ll take it.

A Group Date At The Lake

Sean takes the rest of the girls to a lake for some sexy fun, except that oh, it’s freezing. It’s a far cry from the sexy hot tub time one usually sees on The Bachelor, and some of the girls are less than impressed.

Sean tells the girls that they don’t have to jump into the freezing lake, which is code for: get your butts in if you want a rose. Such mind games on this show!

The rest of the girls put on their game faces, while sexy Selma and her giant boobs refuse to get in. I felt like Sean should have yelled at her Ryan Gosling style like in The Notebook. I believe the quote is “Get in the water!”

Sean is baffled that certain girls are not “stoked” to jump into the lake, once again proving his level of intelligence. Who wants to jump into a freezing lake?! Selma’s diva antics may have cost her a rose.

Tierra’s ‘Hypothermia’

You know Tierra is not going to let sexy Selma steal all of Sean’s attention, hell no! So she gets “hypothermia” from the cold water, and she has to be dragged away by clearly overworked lake people (were they paramedics? I was not sure). Lazy biatch!

Desiree lets her catty side out when she mentions that Tierra looks like a hot mess, as she has mascara all face, ala Alice Cooper. Tierra is tucked up in bed with a drip and a robe and hunky Sean fawning all over her. It’s interesting that Tierra keeps having these accidents, but yet she never ends up in hospital….

Later, Sean has some sexy time with Lesley, while Sarah whips out a photo of her family, and things get awkward. Her plan to get more intimate with Sean majorly backfires, as Sean eliminates her, as he feels he is “forcing” things with her. Ouch. The girls say goodbye, and the competition just got a little bit more intense.

Oh, and Lesley gets the rose.

Desiree’s Private Date With Sean

Sean takes Desiree on a second private date, and he brings her up a mountain, where he invites her to jump off a cliff to a picnic. I’m getting a massive sense of deja vu — didn’t that already happen this season? They later have some sexy time at a fireplace, where Desiree opens up about her sad childhood where she moved around a lot. Did any of these girls have a normal upbringing?


At the cocktail party, Selma throws aside her religious beliefs and decided to hard core make out with Sean, and I am left feeling uncomfortable. She is too reserved to jump into a lake, but she’ll jump a guy on live TV?

Her move costs her the compeition, as Sean sends her and Daniella home at the rose ceremony. Once again, evil Tierra survives another week. Selma seems pissed as she packs her bags, but at least all her clothes are so tiny it won’t be much work.

And now only 6 girls remain! Will Sean find a wife?

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Do YOU think Selma and Daniella should have been eliminated? Is Tierra insane for faking hypothermia?

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— Eleanore Hutch

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