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‘Bunheads’ Scoop: Jeanine Mason Previews ‘Scandalous’ Twists Ahead

Mon, February 4, 2013 11:50am EDT by Andy Swift Add first Comment
Bunheads Spoilers
Courtesy of ABC Family

Jeanine reveals more tension between Cosette & Ginny, as well as a surprise romance on the horizon.

There’s trouble in Paradise — and it goes by the name Cosette. chatted with Bunheads‘ new troublemaker Jeanine Mason about how Cosette and brother Frankie (Niko Pepaj) will be “shaking things up” at the dance academy, including an unexpected effect the siblings will have on Ginny (Bailey Buntain)!

Read on for my full Q&A with Jeanine:

I’m happy to see some new blood on Bunheads. Cosette and Frankie are really shaking things up.

“As the season progresses, they shake things up even more. By the end, the stuff that goes down is definitely a result of their actions. It’s pretty scandalous.”

I can’t wait! Can we expect more jealousy from the other girls?

“What’s pretty cool, and what became evident on the last episode, is that it’s Ginny — more so than any of the other girls — who’s really having a problem with Cosette entering and changing the dynamic of the girls in the studio. [Cosette is] changing that foursome and trying to implant herself. Ginny’s not having it.”

But judging by your tweets, you’re clearly getting along with the girls off camera.

“I love these girls so much. In a way, I’m the oldie on set, and I’m so used to being the young’n. It’s been so fun hanging out with them. … It’s just nice to have girl time, and talk with some ladies. They’re like my sisters now. We just finished up our last episode, and we were all, like, sobbing, but also excited.”

It must be nice for you to have a job that perfectly blends your love of dancing and acting.

“It’s been such an amazing job. I keep telling [creator] Amy Sherman-Palladino how lucky am I to have my dream role written and come to fruition. It’s been so much fun, and it’s such a perfect balance. We’ll have a solid block of just dialogue, working through that Palladino freight train, and then we’ll go through a few days of dancing, where we’re just delirious and having the time of our lives. It’s great.”

And I’m sure working with Sutton Foster must be pretty great, too.

“Oh my God, I love her so much. My background is in theater, so my equivalent of the ‘posters on the wall’ is Sutton Foster. She’s been a huge inspiration for me, and every day I get closer to her and get to pick her brain.”

You mentioned earlier that Cosette & Frankie will be shaking things up. Can you elaborate?

“This next episode [airing Feb. 4] will be really amazing. The opening scene is going to be something you won’t see on any other show. We have an entire scene while we’re actively doing a routine. … In that episode, you’ll really see how Cozette’s presence is getting to Ginny. But what’s interesting is what will unfold between Ginny and Frankie. And Bailey is such a badass.”

What do you make of Jeanine’s teases? Do you predict Ginny will do something drastic to oust Cosette from the group? And do you think Ginny and Frankie will become more than friends? Drop a comment with your thoughts, and check out ABC Family’s official Bunheads page for more show info.

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— Andy Swift

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