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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Leah Messer Finds Out She’s Pregnant Again

Tue, January 29, 2013 12:30am EDT by 14 Comments
Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer Pregnant
Courtesy of MTV

Jeremy finally proposes to Leah, and the two are already talking about starting a family together! Plus, Jenelle second guesses if Andrew is really Jace’s father. Read on for the full Jan. 28 ‘Teen Mom 2’ recap!

It’s more baby daddy drama for the moms during the Jan. 28 episode of Teen Mom 2  — Leah Messer moves on from one baby daddy and gains another, Chelsea Houska cries herself to sleep because she’s not celebrating Adam Lind‘s birthday with him and Jenelle thinks she may have been wrong about her son Jace‘s dad from day one!

Jenelle Questions The Paternity Of Jace’s Father

Jenelle gets a surprise call from her baby daddy Andrew, who has been out of Jace’s life completely since he was born, and Andrew says he wants to see his son and will start paying child support.

But Jenelle drops a bombshell that she has kept a secret for nearly three years (the same way she keeps her personal life a secret from Twitter) — Andrew may not be Jace’s father after all. The MTV star confessed she had a random hookup with her friend Tori‘s ex (before they got together, apparently), so that guy could be Jace’s dad — but he took off for New Orleans and we’ll never know.

Jenelle’s mom Barbara is shockingly on board with Jenelle pursuing a paternity test to find out who Jace’s father is once and for all. Andrew, who still hasn’t seen his own son in years, agrees — they all want Jace to know who is true father is.

Jenelle also finds another roommate in friend Hannah Inman, after her blow-out fight and falling out with Amber. The two seem to be getting along nicely, and even spend time with Jace. If only we didn’t know what was in store for their future.

Chelsea Cries Over Missing Adam’s Birthday

For the first time in three years, Chelsea isn’t celebrating baby daddy Adam’s birthday with him. He’s turning 21, and Chelsea is feeling sorry for herself — again. She tries to drown her sorrows with some friend time, but ends up crying anyway. In fact, she cries herself to sleep over Adam. No surprises here

When Chelsea stops focusing on Adam, she’s worried about taking her Math and Science GED tests. She barely based the practice test, so she’s worried she won’t pass the real tests — especially since it’s the last portion she needs to pass in order to get her GED and go to cosmetology school.

But she feels good about it after taking it! We’ll see how it all pans out.

Leah Gets Engaged & Find Out She’s Pregnant

Jeremy takes Leah on a romantic cabin getaway in Tennessee for their first romantic trip together alone without the girls. Jeremy even gets super fancy and brings his lady breakfast in bed — complete with an engagement ring!

Leah says yes, and their few-month relationship becomes official. They talk about having kids and being solid partners to one another (after they make the commitment to get engaged, naturally), and Jeremy can’t wait to start a family with Leah.

When Leah shares the good news with her friend Kayla, Kayla seems excited about Leah’s engagement, but not that she wants to have kids again so soon. Leah says she doesn’t want her kids to be so far apart and that Jeremy really wants babies — so Leah took her birth control IUD out. She’s also been feeling very nauseated, which obviously means she’s pregnant.

In an extra candid MTV moment, Leah takes a pregnancy test — and it comes out positive! Leah is expecting another baby!

Kailyn Goes On A Date With Javi

After going on a bowling group date, Kailyn think Javi is really cute and ends up going on a first date with him, one-on-one. They seem to have a real connection, and Javi isn’t even scared at the fact that Kailyn has a son — and is still friendly with Isaac’s baby daddy Jo!

Kailyn automatically likes Javi better than any guy she’s ever dated — he’s patient, he has goals and he isn’t dating a music video vixen. But even though they take things slow, Kailyn wants Javi and baby Isaac to finally meet.

To get prepared for the big meet and greed, Kailyn takes Isaac to get his first haircut since he was born. The little guy had some hair — but his new ‘do is simple and chic!

When they get together at an arcade, Isaac keeps talking about dinosaurs, but that’s probably a good thing — he seems to like Javi!

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— Christina Stiehl

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