‘Teen Mom 2’ Preview: Leah Reveals She Wants More Kids With Jeremy

On tonight's episode of 'Teen Mom 2,' Leah announces that she's not only engaged to her boyfriend Jeremy, she wants to have more kids with him right away -- and she might even be pregnant already! Watch Leah's shocking confession. While the ink was still drying on Leah Messer's divorce papers from Corey Simms, she was already moving on with boyfriend Jeremy Calvert. And months later, the mother of twins Ali and Aleeah announced she was engaged again -- and ready to have more kids!

Teen Mom 2 Leah
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After moving in to a new house with Jeremy, Leah realizes she wants to keep moving forward with her new man, which means an engagement ring — and more babies.

She tells her BFF and confidant Kayla about her super sweet engagement in a cabin in Tennessee, but then she drops a bombshell — she took her IUD out… on purpose. Because she wants more kids. Because being 19 with twins isn’t hard enough.

Normally, Kayla just echoes whatever Leah wants to hear, but she finally calls her out on this one — and reminds her that she already has two kids.

“I can have like five kids,” Leah says. “Not right now!” Kayla fires back. But Leah insists that Jeremy wants more kids right away — even though he has never been a dad and has no idea what it’s like.

Kayla Warns Leah: Your Relationship With Jeremy Could Fall Apart

Kayla just keeps reiterating that it would be terrible if her relationship with Jeremy doesn’t work out, and she’s left with even more kids as a single mom.

As if her confessions weren’t shocking enough, Leah says she has been feeling nauseated a lot, and could probably be pregnant again — which Kayla says would make her “mad.”

Watch Leah tell Kayla about her pregnancy plans below, and be sure to tune in to Teen Mom 2 on Jan. 28 at 10/9 Central.

What do YOU think of Leah wanting more kids with Jeremy HollyMoms? Do you think she rushed it?


— Christina Stiehl

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