‘RHOBH’ Recap: Brandi Glanville Slams Marisa Zanuck’s Marriage

Brandi and the girls take a trip to Las Vegas and at yet another dinner, Brandi rips Marisa's marriage, telling her she doesn't love her husband. Yikes. Read on for all the details! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is always full of drama, and Jan. 28's episode was no different. Let's get right into it!

'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Pics

We begin at health guru Yolanda Foster‘s Malibu digs where she prepares a healthy homemade lunch from her garden. She invites Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards and surprises them when she introduces the ladies to her BFF, Suzanne Somers. Of course Yolanda and Suzanne would be friends, they’re both health nuts.

Over a roasted chicken and a fresh garden salad, the ladies talk about aging and Suzanne tells them she wants to live and feel sexy pass the age of 100. “I plan to live until I’m 110, I honestly do,” Suzanne says as Yolanda is overheard in the background clapping and saying “yay, me too.”

From the looks of it, it seems Lisa and Kyle wanted nothing to do with all the strenuous health talk.

Moving to other side of town now, Brandi Glanville takes a turn at learning how to work the pole – yes, the stripper pole. She says she’s been asked to host ‘Brandi’s Night School For Girls’ and now, Eddie Cibrian‘s ex-wife must learn how to work the pole in order to teach others.

Can Brandi Really Pole Dance?

And guess what, Brandi wasn’t too shady working the poll either. She changes into her black tight shorts, puts on a black top and swung for days around the poll, looking extremely hot and sexy! We’re sure it’s pretty safe to say Brandi’s done this before by the way she took the bull by the horn. She even showed off her athleticism by ending her poll dancing by doing the splits and doing a little booty popping. All right Brandi, you go girl!

Speaking of Brandi, Kyle had Adrienne Maloof and friends over for dinner and to wish Kyle’s daughter Sohpia well as she graduates. Adrienne couldn’t stay long but you could tell she was still bitter over the fight she’d had with Brandi a few weeks ago.

Guess What Kim Wants

Meanwhile, Kim Richards wants to fit into Beverly Hills by getting…wait for it…plastic surgery! Kim visits a doctor discusses getting a nose job. Careful Kim, plastic surgery in the 90210 can be addicting.

Fast forward a bit, and the ladies are now in Vegas to support Brandi as she hosts her event. But before the event even happens, you know Brandi pisses someone off and she did just that when she slams new comer Marisa Zanuck, saying “your husband, is more in love with you than you are with him.” Ouch.

Marisa stands up for herself, however, telling Brandi that she and her husband “have this banter that we go back and forth and I think it could be read wrong.

“He is the most wonderful man, ever,” Marisa adds. “I’m very, very lucky. I really am.”

As the show carry on, it leaves us on a cliffhanger because viewers are left wanting to see all the girls, especially Lisa, take their turns dancing on the stipper’s pole. Darn it, guess we have to wait until next week!

Sound off HollywoodLifers. Who do you think will be the worst pole dancer of the 90210 ladies?

-Eric Ray:

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