The Johnny Was Gifting Suite Gets All The Celebs Out At Sundance

When it comes to Sundance, the one thing that the celebrities love more then even the movies are all the awesome gifting suites, so leave it to the Johnny Was gifting suite at the Miami Lounge to get all the celebs in the mood! The Johnny Was gifting suite saw so many the celebs like Adrian Grenier, Alexis Knapp, Allison Janey and so much more leave with some of the most awesome schwag. CHeck out what they got their hands on!

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Mario Lopez Johnny Was

It must be really fun to be a celebrity, check out all the fun stuff the celebs at Sundance got their hands on!

Adrian Grenier – Adrian picked up some Johnny Was men’s bracelets and wore them out for the night, and the girls in the band The Skins that he managed picked out dresses

Alexis Knapp (Project X) – Picked out several Johnny Was white lace dresses and tops

Allison Janey (West Wing, Finding Nemo, American Beauty) – Picked out Johnny Was Japanese beaded bracelets, scarves, and embroidered tops

Amy Ryan – Picked lace tops, silk dresses, and bracelets.

Brie Larson (Don Jon’s Addiction) – Really liked the bracelets and wore them on the red carpet for her premier. She also received several cotton embroidered dresses.

Courtney Love – Courtney is an old fan of the collection. She was late to rehearsal but told her band it was very important she stop by Johnny Was. She received Johnny Was bracelets, colorful scarves, silk dresses and lace dresses

Daryl Hannah – Daryl Hannah is also a big fan. She picked out mostly solid dresses and tops, bracelets, and silk scarves

Dermot Mulroney (Jobs) – Took pictures with his wife that picked out several pieces

Erin Moriarty (Toy’s House) – Erin was excited about the Japanese beaded bracelets and floral print silk dresses

Jane Lynch – Jane loves the brand and picked out several scarves, silk dresses and a bracelet

Jef Holm (The Bachelorette) – Jef checked out the collection and liked it

JJ Field (Austenland) – JJ picked up several silk dresses for his wife Neve Campbell

JJAMZ (band) – Singer Z Berg picked up some lacy dresses and a bracelet

Joey Lauren Adams (Blue Caprice) – Picked a few lace tops and dresses

Mario Lopez – Posed for pictures and helped pick out pieces for his wife Courtney Mazza

Mekhi Phifer – Picked out pieces for his wife

Neon Hitch (musician) – Picked out pieces that were embroidered, as well as bracelets.

Paris Hilton – Picked out lots of embroidered dresses, bracelets, scarves

Ricky Whittle (Austenland) – Picked out black silk pieces for girlfriend

Skylar Grey – Picked out floral, lace, and bracelets.

Plus the Johnny Was bracelets that Paris Hilton, Adrian Grenier, and Brie Larson all wore in Park City during Sundance! They are not only awesome, but affordable!

Retail for $78-$98 at

So HollywoodLifers, Make sure when you get the chance to check out Johnny Was! You will not be disappointed!

Russ Weakland