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‘Revenge’ Recap: Victoria’s Life Is Threatened — Again

Sun, January 20, 2013 10:37pm EDT by 5 Comments
Revenge Season 2 Episode 12
Courtesy of ABC

Plus, Emily reveals (yet another) shocking secret to Daniel about his mother!

The Jan. 20 episode of Revenge got pretty heated when Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Daniel (Joshua Bowman) flew off to Los Angeles, as Helen Crowley ordered Aiden to kill Victoria (Madeleine Stowe). You know, just the usual Revenge drama.

Daniel had a meeting with Stonehaven, a disaster-relief company Grayson Global wished to procure, and he needed his lucky charm — aka his ex-fiancé Emily — by his side. Daniel also had a little pleasure in mind for the trip, but his getaway was quickly ruined by Victoria. She showed up to make sure Jason secured Stonehaven in order to protect her son, all the while unaware that Aiden had also arrived — to kill her! Helen suggested Aiden’s sister was still alive, and in order to get her back, he must kill the Queen of the Hamptons.

Initially, Mr. Procer dropped out of the running because Aiden revealed that whoever gained Stonehaven would also acquire a nice lawsuit as a party favor. To guarantee that Jason stayed in the running for the business, Victoria offered herself as his true prize. In the end, with the help of some dirt-digging from Nolan (Gabriel Mann), Daniel secured the company, and his head grew three sizes that day. Oh, and no worries, Emily stopped Aiden from killing Victoria. Whew, that was a close call!

The case against Jack (Nick Wechsler) started to get more complicated, so obviously, it was Conrad (Henry Czerny) and his checkbook to the rescue! The police found a gun aboard Jack’s boat and they accused him of murdering Joe Ryan — the Ryan brothers’ father — but Conrad had a confession from his actual killer, Mr. Duncan. Conrad offered the brothers a $50,000 check for just a simple signature and a departure from the Hamptons in return.

On a lighter note, everyone almost forgot Charlotte’s (Christa B. Allen) birthday, or canceled plans to celebrate; and as a birthday gift to herself, Charlotte changed her last name from “Grayson” to “Clarke.” Shockingly, Emily admitted her alliance with Victoria to Daniel — and even MORE shockingly, Daniel knew what was going on! He just pushed to see how far Emily would go to help him. (Now you’re learning, Daniel. Now you’re learning.)

In other news, due to an amateur slip up, Nolan figured out that Padma was playing him like a fiddle, and he played her right back! He planted a fake flash drive to the program, Carrion, that she’d been searching for while spying for The Initiative, and he caught her uploading the file — hook, line and sinker. It seemed like everyone in the Hamptons was having a hard time trusting each other, and Aiden was no exception. He received footage from The Initiative of his sister’s death from a drug overdose, and threatened to blame everything on Emily if it turned out she actually died. Fingers crossed that she’s still alive! You can’t be mad at Emily Thorne. You just can’t.

Revenge returns Feb. 10, when we’ll see scenes from the first episode of season two. Plus, Jack and Amanda will have their wedding, and — wait for it — someone will die protecting Emily Thorne! Any guesses?

— Jaymie Bailey