‘Vampire Diaries’ Video: Stefan Strips Down & Schemes With Rebekah

Plus, Stefan officially declares he's 'done' with Elena! But do you believe him? Stefan (Paul Wesley) hasn't shown much skin on The Vampire Diaries lately, and it looks like he's starting to make up for lost time! In this clip from the Jan. 24 episode, a post-shower Stefan finds Rebekah (Claire Holt) waiting for him in his bed. Could this be the start of "Stebekah?"

Vampire Diaries Video Stefan Shirtless
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Eh, not quite. Stefan’s ex merely surprises him at his mansion to discuss the cure — and how Team Rebekah can get a leg up on the competition.

Stefan & Rebekah’s Full Conversation About The Cure

Stefan: I know you were daggered for a little while, but knocking is still a thing.

Rebekah: So is writing in your diary, apparently. I’m just checking for doubts. You can never be too cautious when it comes to love. One minute you’re begging me to compel Elena from your mind, and the next, I’m up coffin creek with a dagger in my back.

Stefan: Right, well, you can read it all you want. I’m done with her.

Rebekah: Until we find the cure, right? … Hey, I’m talking to you!

Stefan: Oh, I know you are. I’m ignoring you.

Rebekah: Look, we’re at a little disadvantage in this whole ‘race for the cure.’ Team Klaus has Jeremy the hunter, Team Shane has Bonnie the witch…

Stefan: If you’re here to remind me of our last-place status, I’m very well aware.

Rebekah: Actually, I have a plan. The cure is buried with Silas, that ancient evil guy my brother Kol is afraid of. Shane was so eager to prove his existence that he gave away he has one of the keys to resurrecting him — his headstone.

Stefan: I see, you want to steal it.

Rebekah: Yes, and then Team Shane will have to join Team Rebekah, and Team Klaus will be left out in the cold where he belongs.

Watch Stefan and Rebekah scheming below, then drop a comment with your best theories: Do you think their partnership could become something more?

— Andy Swift

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