‘Glee’ Scoop: Heather Morris Says Brittana ‘Won’t Get Back Together’

Warning! Brittana fans, brace yourselves. Heather Morris admits to HollywoodLife.com sister site TVLine that Brittany and Santana 'won't get back together.' Plus, find out who'll get married, who's graduating and who may be going to jail! Glee returns with all new episodes on Jan. 24, where we'll see a wedding, new romances and more members of New Directions graduating and heading to New York City before season four comes to a close!

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HollywoodLife.com sister site TVLine visited the set of Glee on Jan. 16 and got all the juicy scoop on the second half of season four!

Brittana Is Done

“[Brittany and Santanta are] friends, but they won’t get back together,” says Heather Morris.

The actress agrees with ME and thinks  “it’s good that [Santana] moved on and gave me room to figure it out because I don’t think that they were great for each other. They’re best friends, but I think Sam gives her more room to just be herself. That’s a lot of fun. Santana was so serious for her that she really just couldn’t be weird.”

Blaine Gets A New ‘Friend’

Darren Criss says that Blaine “strikes [up] a new relationship, not a romantic relationship – or maybe it is – with somebody who’s already been around, who is now more involved in Blaine’s life. They’ve kind of taken a new step in their relationship.”

Romance Is In Finn’s Future

Executive producer Dante Di Loreto tells TVLine, “romance is going to play a part in [Finn’s] future.” However, that romance may not involve Rachel Berry (Lea Michele).

“We hope to keep [Brody] around [on the show] for a while,” said Dante. “We think he’s incredibly sexy. He sings and dances, as well. It’s a really interesting storyline. The show has blossomed creatively this year, being able to travel back and forth between New York and Lima. And we love having him here.”

There’s A Wedding On The Horizon

Dante confirms that “there is a wedding in the air. What is exciting about this show is there are certain things about that are undeniable. There are certain things that you could sit home and think, I really want this to happen.” While you may suspect the bride and groom to be Emma (Jayma Mays) and Will (Matthew Morrison), Dante noted, “There are some things that are going to shock the heck out of you.”

Who’s Heading To NYC In Season 5

“I wouldn’t be surprised if another cast member or a few other cast members find them[selves] in New York [next season],” said Dante. “That story has yet to reveal itself, but it seems [like] one of those natural conclusions. They’re all going to different places, just like we all do in high school, and hopefully those are stories that we can blossom.”

If Heather had a say in where Brittany would end up in season 5, she says, “I want her to go to jail. I think it’d be the best story ever!”

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What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Which two couples should get back together? And who do you hope gets pregnant by season’s end?! Sound off below!

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— Chris Rogers

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