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Common Hair Myths Busted: Expert Tips For Top Tresses

Tue, January 15, 2013 4:05pm EDT by 1 Comment
Hair Myths and Facts
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Separating myth from fact when it comes to your hair can be tricky, so we turned to the pros for answers. Test your hair IQ below!

Diane Cole Stevens, a NIOXIN lead stylist and owner of Washington D.C.’s illustrious Cole Stevens Salon, is the authority on healthy hair, vibrant color and gorgeous style.  Here she busts the most common hair myths.

Myth or Fact #1: Hot tools are worse for hair health than pollution.

Myth Environmental factors such as air and water pollutants are just as harmful as the improper or excessive use of hot tools. Both can both cause damage to the hair and scalp. Direct heat on the hair must be protected with the proper regimen in order to maintain nutrients, volume and moisture. Use Nioxin Clarifying Shampoo to remove build up caused by environmental residue, and an in-salon treatment called Nioxin Scalp Renew which is an exfoliating treatment that helps to regenerate and revitalize the scalp.

Myth or Fact #2: Exposure to sunlight is the healthiest way to lighten your hair color.

Myth Exposure to sunlight is just as damaging to the hair as it is to the skin!

Myth or Fact #3: If you see a few split ends, it’s best to cut them as soon as you see them rather than to wait for a bunch of split ends to appear.

Fact  When hair becomes dry or damaged, the hair shaft splits at the end. If you wait too long for a trim, you may have to cut even more off to prevent further damage. If you are growing your tresses, get a trim every six weeks.

Myth or Fact #4: Hair grows faster when it’s trimmed more frequently.

Myth The rate or speed of hair growth is not determined by the frequency of trims. Trimming will not make it grow faster but will keep your hair healthy so it can grow longer.

Myth or Fact #5: Thinning hair occurs in about 75% of males and females.

Fact Thinning hair affects over 78% of both men and women of all ages due to genetics, diet, stress, medication, environmental factors, health concerns, chemicals and hot tools.

Myth or Fact #6: If you’re planning to wear an updo for a special event, your hair should be slightly dirty.

Fact  Often times, freshly shampooed hair doesn’t hold curls as easily and can make the style fall flat. It’s best to shampoo the hair the day before, apply a mousse (such as NIOXIN Bodifying Foam) and blow-dry.

Myth or Fact #7: Eyebrows should match your hair color.

Myth Eyebrows are naturally two shades darker than the hair on your head which actually gives the face and eyes more structure. When women lighten their hair, they tend to lighten their brows as well, which looks great! Just remember to leave the brows a level or two darker than your new hair color.

Were your hair myths busted? Sound off below!

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