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‘The Lying Game’: Charisma Carpenter Explains Season Premiere’s Big Twists

Wed, January 9, 2013 4:10pm EDT by Andy Swift 3 Comments
Lying Game Season 2 Spoilers
Courtesy of ABC Family

Does Rebecca have really have another kid? Did Mads commit incest? Charisma answers all of’s uncomfortable questions.

Since her introduction halfway through The Lying Game‘s first season, Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) has schemed her way into the lives of Scottsdale’s finest — and into our hearts. chatted with Charisma about the bombshell revelations of the second season premiere, and how they will affect everyone’s lives moving forward.

Read on for my full interview with Charisma:

I did a soap opera-style gasp when Jordan said he was Rebecca’s son.

“Well, I didn’t give birth to him. Does that make a difference?”

You, Charisma, or you, Rebecca?

“[Laughs] Either. But I would be proud of myself if I had. He’s a stand-up guy, and a good-looking little fella.”

But he’s definitely Mads’ stepbrother, right? So they’re relationship is basically incest.

“It is! It is incestuous.”

How will that little fact mess things up for them?

“Without giving too much away, I think the biggest mess up will have less to do with the family dynamic, and more to do with her having a reckless moment, then realizing at some point in time that I’m the step-mom. She ended up having a forgetful evening, and then she finds out he’s related to me anyway. Double yuck.”

When we last spoke, you said you loved working with Adrian. Will you be doing that less now that Alec is in jail?

“Yes, but there is one episode in particular that I’m excited for. It’s very Mrs. & Mrs. Smith, like a game of cat and mouse. Does she or doesn’t know? Did she or didn’t she do it? It’s a great episode coming up, and I really thought there would be more of that. I think that’s the only disappointment — that there isn’t more of that.”

I really enjoyed Rebecca’s softer moments on the premiere. She really does have a maternal side!

“I think that’s smart when you’re doing a drama; you don’t want the villain to be so villainous that you alienate the audience. I spoke to Chuck [Pratt Jr.] and the producers about not wanting Rebecca to seem one-note, and only to be portrayed as a sassy, scheming woman. … We keep her relatable and keep that vulnerability, so that when you see her evil, it’s all the more shocking.”

Would you say Sutton is clearly Rebecca’s favorite twin?

“There’s been no interaction between Emma and Rebecca that would indicate otherwise. I think the reason she hasn’t reached out to Emma has yet to be determined. My belief as an actress is that Sutton is not her favorite, but she’s just the one who’s tangible and the one Rebecca can be a mom to. She also understands that Sutton is a mini her.”

What did you think of the season premiere’s major twists? Drop me a comment with your reactions to Charisma’s answers, as well as your thoughts and theories about the rest of the season!

— Andy Swift

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