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Al Roker Admits To Sharting At The White House — Watch

Tue, January 8, 2013 9:55am EDT by Andy Swift 4 Comments
Al Roker Sharted
Courtesy of NBC

Al dropped a bombshell during a Jan. 6 appearance on ‘Dateline NBC.’ So brave!

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Al Roker any more than I already do — he’s America’s favorite weatherman, and I don’t even care when he’s wrong — he goes and does a sit-down interview with Dateline NBC all about the time he sharted himself at the White House. … OK, the interview wasn’t just about Al’s accident, but that’s all anyone really cares about. And rightfully so.

The incident occurred during a press trip to the White House in 2002, shortly after Al had undergone gastric bypass surgery. (Oh, you thought he lost all that weight at the gym? That’s very cute of you.)

Here’s what went down in Al’s own words:

“I probably went off and ate something I wasn’t supposed, and as I’m walking to the press room, I realized, ‘I have to pass a little gas here,'” he began. “And I thought, ‘Who’s going to know?’ Only, a little something extra came out.”

Al didn’t want to come out and say it, but Dr. Nancy Snyderman — sweet journalist Dr. Nancy Snyderman — had the courage to speak the truth.

“You pooped your pants,” she said, somehow managing to keep a straight face.

To which Al conceded, “I pooped my pants.”

Long story short, he threw his underwear out in the bathroom — like a boss — and spent the rest of the day going commando.

Other Celebrities Who’ve Famously Farted And/Or Sharted:

Al may be the current “it” guy of the celebrity sharting community, but he’s hardly the first person to famously flatulate.

During her run on Dancing with the Stars back in Oct. 2011, Nancy Grace cut more than just a rug; but rather than admit to letting out a squeaker, she had the gall to blame partner Tristan MacManus! Rumor has it, Tristan sheds a tear every time he hears someone else fart to this very day. And by “rumor has it,” I mean I just made that up. But doesn’t that sound like something that could be true?

The illustrious list of celeb farters also includes Whoopi Goldberg and Jessica Simpson. Cheers to you all.

Al Roker Pooped His Pants At The White House

Watch Al’s confession below, then drop a comment: Have YOU ever sharted? How did you cover it up? I want details.

— Andy Swift

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