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Matthew Crawley Needs To Save Downton Abbey With His Fortune

Mon, January 7, 2013 11:48am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 4 Comments
Courtesy of PBS

Love and family come before guilt, Matthew! Now that Lady Mary is your wife, you need to get over your wussy guilt trip and use an inheritance left to you by Lavinia’s father!

Matthew Crawley, you are sacrificing the only woman you have ever really loved — Lady Mary — and her family, over your ridiculously genteel feelings of guilt.

Come on, Matthew — it’s time to get real. You have to put the pressing needs of you living loved ones ahead of your ridiculously unnecessary feelings of guilt over your dead ex-fiancee, Lavinia.

You have married Lady Mary, and you’re in even deeper as a Crawley family member than ever before. You are the heir to the entire Downton Abbey estate, for God’s sake.

That means that you have a responsibility not just to your wife, but to your in-laws and the entire Downton Abbey staff and their families. As the next Earl of Grantham, it’s your job to keep the whole show on the road — whether you like it or not.

If Matthew Won’t Save Downton Abbey, Tons of Lives Will Be Ruined

That means that you have to step in now that Robert, Lord Grantham‘s bad investments in Canadian railways have vaporized the Crawley family fortune.

How can you let Mary’s family become homeless? And what will happen to all the Downton downstairs staff, who’ve devoted their entire lives to the Crawley family. Carson, Daisy, Anna, Mrs. Padmore and Mrs. Hughes, will all be unemployed as well as homeless.

And Matthew, you will allow all this to happen just because you think it’s unseemly to use Lavinia’s father’s fortune?

I’ve heard about “honor,” but this is taking “doing the right thing” way too far.

Is it because you’ve been too lucky in money? After all, you originally hail from the non-monied Crawley part of the family, and first you found out that weirdly you would inherit Downton Abbey, and THEN you inherit Lavinia’s father’s enormous fortune. Who knew, the guy was loaded!

But instead of jumping up and down and using the dough to save your wife’s family and home, you want to give it away, out of guilt! You don’t think you should  benefit from Lavinia’s death!

Matthew Shouldn’t Be Haunted By Guilt Over Lavinia’s Death

Matthew, that’s completely idiotic! You didn’t kill Lavinia — the deadly influenza of 1918, killed Lavinia. She didn’t die of heartbreak — much as you’re torturing yourself! The infamous influenza killed up to 50 million people and a huge portion were young, healthy adults like Lavinia. And if you think about it, everyone inherits money from dead people That’s what wills are all about.

Secondly, giving away the money won’t bring back Lavinia — who you didn’t actually love, which is making your guilt worse — but it will potentially ruin your marriage to Mary.

Your initial refusal to use the fortune to save Downton, instantly made Mary freak out and almost call off the wedding. And that’s understandable. If you loved her and cared about her family, helping her should have been a no-brainer.

Lady Mary Is Right To Doubt Your True Love

When she shouted “you’re not on our side!” she was right. You aren’t! And you should be!

Your instincts upon hearing about her family’s plight should have instantly been to help!

Matthew — if you allow Downton to go down, Mary will never forgive you. You need to chose your living true love and your responsibilities to Downton Abbey over indulging in some senseless “honorable” guilt trip! Don’t you agree, HollywoodLifers? Let me know!

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— Bonnie Fuller

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