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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Should Show PDA Like Taylor Swift & Harry Styles

Thu, January 3, 2013 1:02pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 119 Comments
Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart More Like Harry Styles and Taylor Swift
Bauer-Griffin, Courtesy of Twitter

Isn’t it adorable that Taylor and Harry are so comfortable kissing and being touch feely in public! Don’t you think Rob and Kristen should stop worrying about hiding their feelings in public?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles  — it’s so refreshing that you aren’t trying to hide your feelings for each other when you’re in public.

Harry & Taylor PDA

It was so sweet to see you kissing passionately and repeatedly in NYC’s Time Square on New Year’s Eve, after Taylor’s show-stopping performance.

When you kissed and hugged, welcoming in 2013, you were just like tens of thousands of other couples in Times’s Square also sharing their love at midnight. It was a completely natural and human thing to do.

When Harry grabbed your butt affectionately for a few seconds, Taylor, it was just what lots of non-celeb boyfriends do all the time with their girls.

Good for you, Haylor, for refusing to allow your celebritydom to get in the way of your normal, natural and healthy feelings for each other.

It’s admirable that like so many other celebrity couples, you don’t feel the need to hide your feelings and relationship from the public. Hiding out is such a lot of unnecessary work!

Taylor Swift Can’t Stand Hiding Away

Taylor — you’ve always felt that the entire exercise  of ducking and hiding your romantic relationships is a giant waste of time, and you don’t like being involved  with guys who insist on complete privacy from the public.

“I can’t deal with someone who’s obsessed with privacy,” you told Vogue in your Feb. 2012 cover interview with the magazine.

“People kind of care if there are two famous people dating. But no one cares that much. If you care about privacy to the point where we need to dig a tunnel under this restaurant so that we can leave? I can’t do that, you said.”

When you said that Taylor , it seemed like you were taking a dig at privacy-obsessed ex-boyfriendJake Gyllenhaal, who rented out an entire Nashville movie theater just so you and he could see a film.

Rob & Kristen Have Always Been PDA-Shy

Kristen and Rob — you spent almost three years keeping your romance under wraps. But just when you started opening the door a crack, not freaking out about photos of the two of you kissing at Cannes — Kristen’s unfortunate affair with Rupert Sanders came to light.

That finally prompted Kristen to admit that she loved you, Rob, while issuing her totally public apology.

But since the two of you have been back together, there’s been very little PDA together again. Yes, you’ve been photographed hugging from afar, and that was lovely to see, but when you know the photographers’ cameras are out, you’ve gotten all shy again.

Listen, Rob and Kristen, Taylor and Harry — you’re all young and in love and in romantic relationships. Regular non-celeb young couples usually adore being affectionate and, PDAing is a completely natural part of their relationships.

Celebs Shouldn’t Freak About PDA

Just because you are stars doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t indulge in one of the chief pleasures of love — being affectionate, even if you’re in public.

So good for you, Taylor and Harry, for holding hands on public dates like in New York City’s Central Park Zoo. And Rob and Kristen, I assure you — no one will think any less of you for letting down your affection guard and allowing your millions of fans know how much you care about each other!

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Should natural PDA among celebs be on view or kept undercover? Let me know!

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