Madonna Badger Can’t Stop Crying A Year After 3 Girls Died In House Fire

Thu, December 27, 2012 1:27pm EST by 9 Comments
Madonna Badger Christmas Fire
Getty, SplashNews

The grieving mom, who lost all three of her daughters last year on Christmas Day during a tragic house fire, has traveled all over the world to find peace — but still hasn’t found it a year later.

Madonna Badger, 48, awoke on Christmas Day 2011 to a nightmare — her Connecticut house was on fire, and her three daughters were trapped inside. Even though she and her boyfriend Michael Borcina were able to escape the blaze, her elderly parents and daughters, Lily, 9, and twin daughters Grace and Sarah, both 7, all perished in the house fire.

A year later, Madonna traveled to Doi Saket, Thailand to try and find peace with the situation and escape all of the Christmas buzz that reminds her of her deceased family — but found it was much more difficult than she was expecting.

“It’s so hard right now,” she told the New York Post on Dec. 22. “Last night was the hardest yet. I cried and cried. I couldn’t stop crying.”

Madonna Planned To Visit Orphanage On Christmas Day

Madonna visited Breanna’s House of Joy orphanage in Doi Saket, an all-girls orphanage, just days before Christmas. She met the girls, ages 6 to 20, and painted with them and listened to them play music.

She planned to visit an all-girls orphanage on Christmas Day, the anniversary of her daughters’ deaths, and donate the toys and gifts she was planning on giving to her daughters — but she never made it.

“She said that when she . . . saw the children, she was overwhelmed and cried the entire day,” Frank Corso, Madonna’s lawyer, told the Post about his chat with the grieving mom on Christmas Day.

Can’t Escape Christmas In Thailand

Even though Madonna was staying at a holistic resort, and hoped for a more “low key” holiday season than what she would find in Connecticut, she was sadly mistaken

“I came here because I wanted a Santa-free zone,” she said. “But that hasn’t worked out so hot.

We hope Madonna finds peace after the tragedy. Our thoughts are with her and her family during this difficult time.

What do YOU think of what Madonna said HollyMoms?

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Posted at 3:34 PM on January 23, 2013  

Ridiculous. Go travel the world, enjoying life, while your children and parents are gone. I’m a mother, and there is nothing in this world that would make me escape a house that is on fire while my child burned. NOTHING. I would perish along with him if that’s what it took to try and save him over saving myself. Good Christ.

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Posted at 3:08 AM on February 6, 2013  

Wow. Such sickening judgement. I can hardly believe anyone could be so cruel and heartless. Does she sound like she’s enjoying life? She’s in pieces! Also, if you read the original articles on the situation, you’d know that she tried to do exactly that. She was on the second floor and couldn’t get out the door, so she climbed out the window and tried to climb the side of the building to reach her children on the third floor. The firemen literally dragged her off the building.

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Jill E. Coldren

Posted at 10:47 PM on December 27, 2012  

And let me add something else…to those of you who are saying she basically wanted out of her marriage and to be rid of her children—absolutely sickening you are. How DARE you say that. This woman has been through the worst nightmare a mother could go through…take your negative thoughts and try something positive. Like supporting and nurturing this individual—she lost her world and now has to rebuild it to some sort of degree. Leave her alone if you’re not going to support her!!!!!

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Ruth Z.

Posted at 5:01 AM on December 28, 2012  

Very well said. I cannot imagine losing one family member on Christmas day, let alone five. I can’t believe that anyone could feel anything but sympathy for her after all she’s been through and continues to endure. I’m so glad she is living (even if part time) in a community (Little Rock) that has given her so much well deserved love and support.

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Jill E. Coldren

Posted at 10:42 PM on December 27, 2012  

I hope she continues to pursue this. Something is out of sorts with the house being torn down only the very next day by noon. Something is not right. I hope she finds her answers, however, she may not. But do not let this go…always follow your feminine instinct-it’s naturally given to us.

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Posted at 2:57 PM on December 27, 2012  

Wow yeah you can see her invisible tears streaming down her face…not.

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Jill E. Coldren

Posted at 10:54 PM on December 27, 2012  

You are a sick ticket!

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Posted at 2:07 PM on December 27, 2012  

Maintain appearances. Her bf and her escaped… now no kids to care for and if still with her bf he has her all to himself now. She can travel without kids or worries

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Jill E. Coldren

Posted at 10:56 PM on December 27, 2012  

Get Help…stop watching the soaps or whatever it is you do.

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