Jef Holm Dating Emily Maynard Look-A-Like After Broken Engagement

Jef definitely keeps us on our toes when it comes to his love life -- it seems as if he has a new lady tied to him every week! This time he was spotted with an Emily look-a-like on Dec. 20 -- he definitely has a type! Ex-fiance Emily Maynard claims that Jef Holm was only "using" her to get exposure to become famous and that he wasn't really "in" the relationship like she was. So it's not a surprise that this new blonde beauty he partied with has a career being in the spotlight -- as a model. What an opportunist!

Jef Holm Dating Jessica Brittain
Image Credit: SplashNews

Jef attended the People Water’s End of the World concert at the Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City on Dec. 20 where he was spotted cozying up next to 21-year-old model Jessica Brittain. Despite her job, if that has anything to do with his interest in her, Jef was reportedly attentive to his new gal pal and even escorted her around the room with his hand gracing the small of her back.

An onlooker told OK! that, “They sat close whispering into each other’s ears. It was definitely a date.” Well, we know for sure that Jef doesn’t waste anytime moving on due to his frequent ties to random women during and in between his excessive breakups with Emily.

The two enjoyed their night sipping cocktails, flirting and tearing up the dance floor.

Whether this was a one-time date or if he’s trying to actively pursue Jessica, it seems that Jef isn’t really hurting from the break up of his 5-month engagement to Emily!

Do you think Jef seeks a love interest with Jessica or do you think he is in lust with dollar signs? VOTE below and give us your opinion!

— Nicole DeBari

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