‘RHOBH’ Recap: Brandi & Adrienne’s Feud Ruins Kyle’s Dinner Party

The 'wives took sides this week, pitting sister against sister, and frenemy against frenemy. War is hell, you guys. Because Brandi Glanville's fight with Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif was too damn entertaining to be contained to a single hour, the Dec. 17 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills picked up right where last week's left off — with Adrienne and her incredibly hairy husband stumbling angrily out of Mauricio's party.

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Brandi swore there’s more to the story than anyone — including the lowly viewers at home — actually knows. “You don’t know what they’ve done to me,” she lied. I mean said.

Kyle Richards immediately started bitching out Kim for opening her hilarious mouth and telling Adrienne and Paul what Brandi had said about them. Maybe that’s why Kim decided not to invite Kyle to her son’s 21st birthday party in Vegas, which Kyle wasn’t too happy about.

And because we all know that crazy breeds more crazy, the fight between Adrienne and Brandy also re-opened old wounds for Taylor Armstrong. For some reason, she decided to awkwardly remind the group that Camille Grammer openly accused Taylor of getting abused by Russell.

Lisa Takes Brandi’s Side:

But while it may seem like Brandi is totally alone in her struggle, that’s not the case. She later met up with Lisa Vanderpump, who not only took her side, but also said it’s pretty obvious that Adrienne and Paul have been selling stories to the press.

I know Lisa’s new show is called Vanderpump Rules, but maybe it should be called Vanderpump Logic, because I swear sometimes she’s the only housewife who still has her head on her shoulders.

Dinner Is Served — And Awkward:

Because everyone knows the key to a successful dinner party is inviting a bunch of people who hate each other, Kyle gathered the ladies together for an evening at Chez Richards. She wanted us to think it was to christen her new dining room, but we all know she was just bored and wanted to stir more s**t up. God bless her!

Faye Resnick, who is a terrifying human being, served up a full-course meal of sass to Brandi, who was clearly not hungry for it. Well, not “hungry” in the traditional sense, anyway.

“I think you attack people a lot,” Faye told Brandi. “I think you need a lot of attention. You say things that are hurtful. I think you’ve been hurt a lot … and you viciously attack people.”

Marisa Zanuck — yes, HollywoodLife.com‘s very own RHOBH blogger — was also invited to the dinner. She lept to Brandi’s defense, or at least she tried to, but Faye and her terrifying face shut her down pretty quickly. (Oh well, she gave it a shot!)

Now that the wives have started choosing sides in Adrienne and Brandi’s feud, it’s time for you to do the same. Vote below, then drop a comment with more of your thoughts on the brewing ‘Housewives’ war.

— Andy Swift

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