Chris Brown & Rihanna Get Matching Rolex Watches: Did He Gift Her?

Nice bling! In an another move to show their devotion to each other, Rihanna and Chris are sporting matching watches. Could it be matching rings next? Rihanna and Chris Brown have a lot in common -- they both make great music, they both travel the world, and now they have another shared interest -- their brand new Rolex watches! Rihanna and Chris have done nothing to hide their reunion, as they were spotted partying in Berlin over Thanksgiving, and now they appear to be more together than ever, as Chris has bought a very nice present for his girl.

Rihanna Chris Brown Rolex
Image Credit: Courtesy of Twitter, Instagram

Rihanna is currently in a celebratory mood, as her latest album Unapologetic has gone to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, so she tweeted a picture of her new Rolex watch on Nov. 28 and said “Don’t believe me just watch #newtoy #justcusimnumber1 #roleylife #dopedealer.” It appears that Chris, 23, got Rihanna, 24, the watch as a celebratory present.

Chris, who is currently in Germany on his Carpe Diem tour, posted a picture on Instagram on the same day of his new Rolex watch, and said “Ball game!” Coincidence? We think not! The watches are remarkably similar, so did Chris buy the watch for Rihanna? It seems so, as he also posted a picture of a table covered in Rolex watches, suggesting he spent some time picking the nicest one for RiRi!

We hope it had “Diamonds” on it!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Did Chris send Rihanna the watch?

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— Eleanore Hutch

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