‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Leah Tells Corey He ‘Gave Up’ On Their Marriage

During the Nov. 19 episode, a relationship blossomed between Jo and his new lady love, a marriage officially ended for Corey and Leah, and Chelsea's baby daddy actually made a step towards commitment. During the Nov. 19 episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer hacked into Corey Simms' email account and found shocking messages, and Jenelle Evans -- as predicted -- failed her drug test while on probation. Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska celebrated her 20th birthday with some bling, and Kailyn Lowry rekindled her relationship with Jordan.

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Teen Mom 2 Recap Episode 2
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Leah is not ready to give up on her marriage

All signs of Leah and Corey’s marriage point to over — they both filed for divorce, she’s living by herself, and he pays child support — but Leah still couldn’t believe Corey officially called it quits.

She put her feelings aside for her divorce mediation with Corey, where they calmly and maturely decide that Corey will get Ali and Aleeah for three weekends out of the month, and Leah will get them during the week, plus one other weekend. But their discussion turns serious in the parking lot when Corey said divorce is not what he wanted — and Leah said he just gave up on their marriage.

“I didn’t give up, I was fed up,” Corey fired back. “I got fed up chasing your ass.” He then threw a couple more insults about her ex-boyfriend Robbie — whom she cheated on Corey with several times in their relationship — and Leah officially checked out of the discussion.

She exacted some sort of twisted revenge by snooping through Corey’s emails after hearing he was seeing other girls, and found the proof — he has been flirty with another girl, and when confronted  Corey flat-out said he was lonely. Leah seemed oddly jealous for someone who cheated on her fiance NIGHT BEFORE their wedding.

Jenelle drinks mysterious liquid to clear system of marijuana

Last week, Jenelle took a few hits of marijuana, even though she was on probation and needs to stay squeaky clean for a year. So, at the shock of no one, she was “freaking out” about her upcoming drug test in a few days.

If Jenelle fails, not only will she go back to jail and be put on probation for another year, she will lose her financial aid for school.

She confided in mom Barbara Evans about her ordeal, and came up with a logical solution — she’s going to buy a special drink at the local tobacco store that is supposed to clear your system of any traces of marijuana. “Do what yah gahtta do,” ever-wise Babs said.

Naturally, Jenelle drank the horrifying mystery drink, and aside from a lot of gagging and nausea, it didn’t do too much. So, surprise, surprise, she failed her drug test — and will face losing her financial aid, Jace, and going back to the slammer.

Kailyn feels bad for cheating on Jordan

After being rejected by baby daddy Jo Rivera, and breaking up with ex-boyfriend Jordan, Kailyn started to feel lonely as a single mom. She decided to reach out to her own mother, whom she hasn’t talked to in five months, to bury the hatchet. To Kail’s surprise, her mom not only didn’t answer — she then BLOCKED her own daughter’s number.

Feeling worse than ever, Kailyn reflected on how she treated Jordan badly and how she knew she messed up by cheating on him. She gives him a call, that’s surprisingly not awkward at all. Kailyn apologized for cheating on Jordan, and admitted that she would have a hard time forgiving him if he had done the same thing.

Meanwhile, MTV lets us in on an amazing date with Jo and his music-video-model-turned-girlfriend V, who is not at all in it for the cameras. She wants to meet and get to know Kailyn, to which Jo replied, “I don’t want to mix in my baby mama drama when it comes to you and me.” Well-said, suburbanite.

Jordan and Kailyn finally met up face-to-face after the breakup in a super cute playground date with baby Isaac, and decided they can be friends and take things slow — and they sealed it with a kiss!

If only the series we’re filmed in real-time and we were blind to the inevitable with Kail’s love life.

Chelsea quits the only job she’s ever had

Chelsea got her first job working at a tanning salon, but thinks spraying down beds for minimum wage and coming into work every day that you are scheduled is just too much. She got in a fight with her boss, and quit her job — but doesn’t quit actually tanning because her faux orange glow is as bright as ever.

Luckily, things pick up in the Adam department, and he and Chelsea’s are officially on-again. For Chelsea’s 20th birthday — which is all she talked about — he presented her with a blinged-out  “promise” ring. Chelsea told everyone half-jokingly it’s an engagement ring, but then came clean and said it’s just to show that things will be better between them, and he won’t cheat on her again.

We’ll see how long that lasts.

For Chelsea’s birthday, her friends and family go over to dad Randy‘s house, who inquired about the job, which Chelsea no longer had, and her GED, which she also didn’t have. But he did notice the sparkling diamond ring on her left hand — which meant she was back with Adam.

Randy is none too pleased, but didn’t have the heart or patience to yell at his daughter on her birthday. So Chelsea rang in her 20th birthday with no job, no degree, but a shady tatted-up boyfriend who gave her a ring. And an adorable daughter Aubree, of course.

Yikes! The drama just kept coming.

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— Christina Stiehl

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