Two Children Killed By Fallen Tree During Hurricane Sandy — So Sad

Tue, October 30, 2012 3:30pm EST by 9 Comments
Hurricane Sandy Deaths
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Hurricane Sandy has claimed nearly 30 deaths since barreling towards the East Coast, including two boys crushed by a tree outside their home in Westchester County.

Two families in Westchester County, New York are suffering tragic tragic losses after a tree outside their home came crashing down on top of Jack Baumler, 11, and neighbour, Michael Robson, 13 on Oct. 28, killing both boys instantly.

The kids were playing outside of their home around 6:45 p.m. on Oct. 28, when the tree toppled over.

Sandy brought other tree-related fatalities as well, including a 30-year-old man who was killed when a tree fell on his house in Flushing, Queens.

The aftermath of the hurricane also lead to other life-threatening situations, including loose electrical wires. A woman on 134th street in Manhattan was electrocuted to death from falling wires.

New York City responders were working as hard and tirelessly as they could during the severe storm, receiving nearly 1,000 calls every half an hour.

Since barreling towards the East Coast on Oct. 27, Hurricane Sandy has claimed 33 U.S. deaths so far, and more than 7 million people are without power.

Such a tragic story. Our thoughts are with the Baumler and Robson families during this time, as well as all families affected by Hurricane Sandy.

What do YOU think of Sandy’s devastation HollyMoms?

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James Lee

Posted at 4:52 PM on November 10, 2012  

The person who wrote this article has caused additional pain and suffering to the families by not getting the facts correct, The boys were in the house. Incorrect reporting has cause many many hurtful responses. I am Michael Robsons grandfather

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B Sharee Gales

Posted at 11:43 AM on November 4, 2012  

Should parents be held liable when their children die in a storm when they were told to evaluate??? Kids can’t go unless their parents take them. Who freaking leaves their children, or their elderly parents in harms way? WTF!

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M Robles

Posted at 6:48 AM on November 3, 2012  

Again another suspicious event. Who lets there kids play outside in a hurricane? These parents are morons or….!

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Posted at 1:39 PM on October 31, 2012  

these parents wanted their kids dead or something? then why let them out? things that make you go HMM!

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Posted at 8:54 AM on October 31, 2012  

Did anyone ever stop to wonder why parents were letting their children play outside in a hurricane?? Doesn’t make much sense if you ask me.

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Posted at 3:37 AM on October 31, 2012  

I was absolutely disgusted to see Kate Gosselin make fun of the whole event. She spent hours playing on twitter and had the gall to tweet a hash tag of #SuperFunSandy, she tweeted this while only a short distance from her two young boys were dead from the storm. I am horrified that a resident would be so unaware of the events unfolding around her and lack such stunning empathy for anyone else. It appears that in the Gosselin house, so long as Kate is ok the rest of the world does not matter.

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Posted at 10:33 PM on October 30, 2012  

Also happened in PA. A 8 year old boy was killed by a falling tree. So incredibly sad!

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Posted at 9:33 PM on October 30, 2012  

So horrible for all in the east coast, And for those two young boys. why where they outside in that storm.? i listened to how people didn’t leave cause they didn’t think it would be bad. As i was watching the news as they showed all the flooding in all the subways,Yea their goes the rat problems. Crazy what goes threw your mind when all Hell is breaking loose.

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Posted at 5:18 PM on October 30, 2012  

soooooo sad!!!!!!!!! I WONDER WHY MOTHER NATURE DID THIS 2 US!!!!!!!!!!????????

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