Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Aren’t Faking Their Love

Many media outlets and critics trash the VERY real love that Rob and K-Stew have -- and I think it's time for people to give them a break. Do YOU think Rob and K-Stew are as passionate about their romance as ever, HollywoodLifers? Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are one of the greatest Hollywood couples ever. And even though many haters are dismissing their renewed love, I know for a FACT that their adoration is real. Everyone who says otherwise just need to take a deep look in the mirror and not be so judgmental!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Fake Relationship
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Rob, 26, and Kristen, 22, are often slammed for reviving their romance just weeks before the final installment of Breaking Dawn is set to premiere. Headlines knocking the romance are everywhere, including TMZ’s high-profile “ROB & KRISTEN Reunite Before ‘Twilight’ — COINCIDENCE??” Elsewhere, commenters peppered the joy of the reunion with toxic words like, “I HIGHLY DOUBT this is real it screams PUBLICITY STUNT I think the break up part is real and the getting back together part is completely FAKE!!!! its too convient to be real Helllllloooo Breaking Dawn Promotions are coming up and so is the premiere” and “Their whole relationship was a fabrication for Twilight PR. They played boyfriend/girlfriend to create media attention for twilight and to recreate hype for the upcoming installments they faked a scandal and a reconciliation. Watch, they will amicably split once the press tour for the final installment is done.” What garbage!

At this point, it’s clear that this love is no showbusiness romance. From their group dates with friends to their commitment to living near each other, this pair is doing the best they can to make things work. And the only reason they would be doing this is a devotion to each other’s happiness!

Rob and K-Stew have a bond that you cannot break and you cannot fake. They grew up in the business together, headlining a film series that made them megastars. They have seen their fame grow exponentially, and have remained down-to-earth in the wake of their sudden superstar break.

How could that be faked by ANYONE? Their affection is so organic — this new-wave Bohemian lifestyle is who they are, and not just manufactured by a movie studio. We love them together, and they absolutely adore each other. What an amazing life they have together!

It seems like everyone who hates on their relationship is just jealous that they cannot achieve that level of love in their own life — and that is just sad. Instead of trolling the internet claiming that true love is fake or a publicity stunt, why don’t you just go out and try to find it on your own? Then you will see what truly makes Rob and K-Stew’s romance so magical.

Do YOU think Rob and Kristen will eventually get married, HollywoodLifers?

— Bonnie Fuller

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