‘Gossip Girl’ Recap: Chuck & Blair Are Still Betting On Their Love

Welcome back, Upper East Siders. We have nine more episodes to go and it’s safe to say, the beginning of the end went off with a bang. From Chuck and Blair in the limo to Rufus hooking up with the unthinkable, it was an eventful start to the season -- to say the least! Gossip Girl didn't even have to keep us wondering about what our favorite socialites were up to all summer-- she just got down straight to business. After Blair (Leighton Meester) surprised Chuck (Ed Westwick) in Monte Carlo, he clearly put his bet on their love too because they couldn't keep their hands off each other. This just might have been one of the hottest scenes Chair has had in all of 'GG' time.

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But while Chuck and Blair were busy getting it on in Monte Carlo, Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) was busy being bossed around by Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) in Rome —  who is forcing him to write a tell-all book.  Nate (Chace Crawford) was up to his old newspaper business, and Lily (Kelly Rutherford) is in the Hamptons. The only one missing is troubled girl Serena (Blake Lively) — which takes everyone the entire summer to notice.

So, where could S be?

Flash forward to September and everyone is wrapping up the summer, but also catching word that S is missing. Nate calls Blair, Blair calls Dan, Georgina calls Chuck (weird), and voila, back to Manhattan they go. Chuck returns from Dubai with a mystery woman who is a concern to B — and with good reason — but the two waste no time explaining they’re fully committed to each other.

Needless to say our favorite Upper East Siders are up to no good and the odds are ever in Chair’s favor, but who’s to say that won’t change in the matter of a New York minute?

And here are my 4 ‘OMG’ moments of the night:

#1 Chuck & Blair’s Stupid ‘Pact’
Four fictional months and a minor heart attack later, Chuck and Blair clear up what’s going with their attractive co-workers. Chuck says his new lady is a “weapon” against his father — and B says her PR guy is well, just that. Phew! The two vaguely explain that they’ve made a commitment to each other that they’re together — but not actually together — until their professional lives are in order. Eventually Blair questions their “pact” and Chuck says he needs to be a man to be with her forever and pulls out (gasp!) the Harry Winston ring. Is this foreshadowing an engagement for the series’ finale? We can only hope! Honestly, enough with the waiting though; they need to be together now. No more obstacles!

#2 Serena’s Location Revealed
To Blair’s surprise, Serena actually is country strong. The missing Upper East Sider appears to be doing just fine, but her friends aren’t exactly happy to find her that way. Dan and Georgina follow Chuck, Blair and Nate to the house in the New York suburbs, and everyone finds out that “Sabrina” from Wisconsin is healthy and happy. Turns out she met Steven Spence (Barry Watson) over the summer (after being found nearly dead on a train) and is gearing up for a wedding, but despite what everyone may think, it’s not hers. Eventually the truth comes out that S is the maid of honor — but not before Georgina and Blair publicly humiliate her in front of the crowd.

#3 Rufus Is Hooking Up With (gasp/gross!) Ivy
I still can’t believe this. Rufus better watch because clearly Ivy (Kaylee Defer) has ulterior motives – considering her phone call to the Lola saying that Rufus is easy to manipulate. And just when Lily and Rufus have a heartwarming moment, Ivy barges in and infuriates Lily. Not too long after Ivy seduces him and Dan walks in — it’s safe to say that after this, Lonely Boy is, well, lonely.

#4 Blair Apologizes To Serena
Blair admits knowing that she have lost S forever made her realize that she wants to workon their friendship, but S doesn’t exactly agree. Serena says she wants a fresh start in Manhattan – and she doesn’t want to be “stuck” with her old, toxic friends – including Blair. Blair, who can’t rejection, becomes infuriated by this and reverts into old Queen B mode. She tells S that she can have the New York suburbs, but that Manhattan is hers.

It was definitely a dramatic start to the season, but I was mad that Chuck didn’t stay with Blair in the limo at the end. I’m happy that they’re together, but we still have nine more episodes in the pipeline – anything can happen in Manhattan!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do YOU think Chair are going to be together forever? Sound off in your comments and vote below!


— Nicole Karlis

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