‘Big Rich Texas’: Bonnie Weighs In On Leslie & Melissa’s Botox Battle

'Big Rich Texas' star Bonnie Blossman takes HollywoodLife.com inside the mother-daughter drama on last night's season premiere! Style Network's Big Rich Texas returned for its outrageous third season Oct. 7, and despite the shocking behavior from the Lone Star ladies — name-calling and drink-throwing ran rampant — star Bonnie Blossman tells HollywoodLife.com, in an exclusive blog post, that the best is yet to come. In fact, "this episode made what happens later look like a kiddie ride at Disney World!"

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Here’s Bon’s post:

Season three of Big Rich Texas kicked off with a real Texas bang! First, let’s discuss what everybody has been up to lately: Leslie has been missing from the Woodhaven Country Club, because she’s been jet-setting all over the country with a billionaire boy-toy that nobody at the club has met. DeAyanni, minus the bat wings she had surgically removed, has taken over as the social chair and head party planner at the club; and Connie, albeit a tad snarky about Dee’s events, was glad to give her the reigns. I have been busy with the release of my newest Fiona Frost novel, but I always find time to hang out with my friends at the country club — especially Melissa, who I’ve grown very close to since last season.

The girls were excited for the Botox Party at the home of our newest friend, Cindy Davis. There’s no better party entertainment than cocktails and needles in the face! My best quote of the night award goes to Cindy, who was holding the hair from her friend’s face and speaking to Dr. A: “I keep telling her she needs it [Botox] and she thinks she doesn’t!” Dr. A confronted Whitney, who had fled her position at Skintastic to jetset to California, and she apologized for abandoning her job. Dr. A got her back with a Botox needle in the face, so they’re even now.

The party was a great success… until Leslie and Melissa get into a mini-rumble about the Fashionistas, and whether Leslie quit or was kicked out. My opinion is: Who cares about them, anyway? Let’s focus on charities that cure disease, save animals, and feed the homeless — not on who looks the best in a Chanel dress.

Off to Meringue Bakery, where Kalyn landed her dream job of being a baker! There she was, handing out free cupcakes and chatting with the highschoolers, Shaye and Maddie, while she was on the clock. For some reason, Kalyn doesn’t seem too happy about her new job.

Next, we met Brandon, aka: Booger. He’s Whitney’s crush of more than four years, and everything a mom could hope for. (Wait, did I just hear the tires screeching in my head? Sigh.) Well, to be honest, if he makes Whitney happy, and they can afford to eat – so be it! However, if Brandon doesn’t stop Whitney from tatting up her body, he’ll have hell to pay!

That’s when we saw her newest ink, a Mayhem tattoo across her perfectly sculpted stomach. Great. I blame Brandon, because he works as a body piercer at Love and Hate Tattoo. However, thank you for telling Whitney that you want to impress me. You’ve got a long road ahead of you.

On the courts, Dee, Connie and Leslie made a no-drama pact for the upcoming Casino Night at the country club. (Yeah, right.)

When Casino Night arrived, everybody was dressed to the nines and lived happily ever after — well, not exactly. Kalyn divulged, during a game of Blackjack, that she quit her job and Leslie seemed more than annoyed. The multiple tattoo’d Kalyn then commented on Whitney and Brandon, calling them trashy for what I can imagine is their tattoos. Hmmmm.

I found out that Brandon asked Whitney to move in with him, and when I got annoyed by it, Whitney threw her gum in my new cocktail. I fished it out, no worries – I wouldn’t waste a good Bacardi and Diet with cherries!

That’s when Melissa called Leslie a golddigger, and all hell broke loose. Let’s get something straight here: Leslie was seen earlier shopping on her new beau’s credit card and Cindy made a comment “to get it while you can because you never know.” I am not entirely sure what the definition of a golddigger is, but I can guess it means that you’re spending other people’s gold, right? Nonetheless, Melissa and Leslie are both my friends at this time. I chose to be on Melissa’s side because she needed help picking the glass out of her foot after they shared their drinks on each other.

Needless to say, this is going to be the most dramatic season of Big Rich Texas. And this episode makes what happens later look like a kiddie ride at Disney World!

— Bonnie Blossman

Sound intense! What did you think about this week’s drama, HollywoodLifers?

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