Kate Gosselin Reported To Child Protective Services

Mon, October 1, 2012 11:34am EST by 15 Comments
Kate Gosselin abuse child protective services

Robert Hoffman, the author of the condemning book accusing Kate of abusing her eight children reported the former reality star to authorities when he believed the Gosselin children were in danger.

As if writing a tell-all book exposing Kate Gosselin for her alleged lies and violence against her eight children wasn’t enough, Robert Hoffman, the author of Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World and a friend of Jon Gosselin, actually took legal action against the former reality star.

“I personally contacted Child Protection Services (sic) twice in 2010 when I found the journal,” he told RadarOnline.com in a written response.

“I sent them copies of what I had and they told me they would look into it and that’s the last I heard. I’ve tried to talk to Kate several times in 2010, but she wouldn’t acknowledge my existence.”

Robert claims in his book, which has since been pulled from Amazon.com, that he has talked to hundreds of people who witnessed her abusive behavior, including pulling her kids by their hair and beating them with a wooden spoon.

“My sources include former crew members who witnessed (the alleged abuse),” he said. “I’ve been told that there is much footage of this (behavior) that obviously never saw the light of day.”

Although lawyers for TLC claim that Robert use confidential information in his book — one of the reasons it was pulled from distribution — he says everything in his tell-all is legal and accurate.

“I can tell you that all of my information regarding Kate Gosselin used in the book was obtained by me personally through completely legal means,” he told RadarOnline.com.

“The book contains about ten percent of what was found in the computer files. There is so much more that hasn’t been revealed. I also have physical and photographic evidence to back up my claims in the book.”

What do YOU think of Robert calling CPS on Kate HollyMoms? Should they have taken more action?

– Christina Stiehl

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Posted at 9:05 PM on October 1, 2012  

So very disturbing makes one really wonder about all these reality shows and what price are we going to pay by watching them and feeding into the whole sham,I still say she has that crazy stare look. I do feel bad for those children. Being raised by a abusive parent and nobody coming in to protect these children is a sin,because the lasting abuse without some kind of intervention right now while they are still little will be condemning them to all kinds of Low self esteem problems and that is the real shame. I pray for them

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Posted at 5:09 PM on October 1, 2012  

Tiffy and gbtw, oh come on. Kate does not have the capacity to just spank, in her own words she aggressively hit 2 year olds in diapers because they made her mad in that they would not potty train fast enough or because they would climb out of their cribs. Hitting young children quite often who do not have the capacity to understand they are frustrating their mother, who is slightly off kilter due to untreated mental health issues, is unacceptable.

The only reason Kate would document her abuse of the children is because, I think, she is mentally ill, was not takin her medication, and believes her babies should understand her frustration. After all, they were making her angry.

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Debbie H

Posted at 6:32 PM on October 1, 2012  

She got super angry to the point of pulling a child by the hair and spanking him all the way to the crib because….HE DARED TO EAT A COUPLE M&M’S she wasn’t allowing him to have…Is THAT appropriate “discipline”? Whew…I am grateful I didn’t grow up in a house like that…and I DID get spanked…usually for talking back and being disrespectful…eating M&M’s? Thank GOD not for that one…

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Posted at 3:46 PM on October 1, 2012  

you guys are all super lame. Getting spanked is not being beaten. I was spanked as a child when I acted up as well. I think Kate is fine to spank her children. Inface all of you should start as well. Children these days have no respect for authority, adults, and have no motivation to do well in school and follow rules. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves for judging a good mother! Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Kate, but I do not think she is a bad mother for spaking her children! This guy is lame for writing this book.

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Posted at 4:03 PM on October 1, 2012  

obviously most current parenting literature is against spanking in any way shape or form. but even the people who are not against it place limits on how it is done- for example, you don’t use a weapon, and you don’t do it when you’re angry. if this book is saying she was hitting her kids with a wooden object when she was angry, that is definitely not good parenting. does it rise to the level of abuse when CPS should step in? i don’t know. one would think the father would step in, but he has been relatively spineless from the beginning. also, these kids are screwed and will be messed up from their life, regardless. what is CPS going to do? split up the kids and send them out to foster homes? send them to dad? i don’t think dad has suggested he could handle the brood of 8 on his own. in any case, those kids are going to need a ton of therapy based on those cameras and those parents, regardless. i feel very sorry for them.

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Posted at 7:59 PM on October 2, 2012  

It was more than spanking. In her own words she said she crossed the line. She pulled him UP by the hair and hit him so hard into his crib. My question is, why did she leave the m&m’s where they could get them. WHO really should have been punished? the two yr old or the adult?

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Posted at 10:01 AM on October 3, 2012  

Agreed! Since when is getting spanked with a wooden spoon child abuse?!?! Don’t tell my mom~who did that all the time when we were little lol! We were’t abused, we were disciplined. And now we are successful adults! I pity the world when today’s children who were never spanked and given trophies just for participating become adults lol!

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Posted at 1:56 PM on October 3, 2012  

Look into how different types of punishment effect people and you’ll change your view on spanking I think. Unless you’re the type of person whose opinions are based on emotion, the facts about spanking will change your opinion.

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Posted at 1:24 AM on October 15, 2012  

pulling hair and spanking in diapers is abuse and not exceptable.

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Posted at 1:04 PM on October 1, 2012  

every child has the right to be proteceted no child should have to face the fear of being beaten
no matter by who.
CPS should have been done something about this long ago, why wait for more abuse to happen
if that is in fact the case.
she needs to lose the kids give them to their dad.

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Posted at 11:52 AM on October 1, 2012  

As former Jon and Kate fans, my husband and I did get the Kindle book and read it. We both read it non stop into Saturday morning. Almost everything in the 500 pages are emails or entries by Kate herself from her pink phone as she calls it.

The information just confirms what most people have known for years from watching the show. But her physical and emotional abuse of the kids, her relentless filming and retakes of the kids, her lifelong and extensive confidentiality agreements that everyone must sign or lose their homes and everything else, her constant begging for freebies, and her obvious anger and mental health issues and the seemingly blind eye provided to Ms Gosselin are upsetting to read. it was so, so much worse than can be imagined.

I would encourage those that side with Ms Gosselin to look within themselves and stop enabling her lies and deceit.

In typical Kate style, she will most likely be out in the media circuit to set the record straight with her lies and high powered attorneys. But it is all a sham, and never have others been able to step up and counter Ms Gosselins lies, because of course of the ridiculous confidentiality agreements.

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Debbie H

Posted at 12:50 PM on October 1, 2012  

Thank you for sharing that information with us..I am sorry that I will not have the chance to read it first hand now and I appreciate people coming forward that did, to share the horrors of the Gosselin household…I take a lot of comfort knowing the Cara and Maddy will be old enough to tell their story in the not too distant future..And if they have been abused, how are all of these Kool Aid drinkers and in particular CPS going to feel knowing they did NOTHING to help these poor kids being abused with a mother worse than Joan Crawford on steroids???It really disturbs me the ones defending Kate in this…How can anyone NOT take the child’s side in an abusive house??Just don’t get that one…

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Debbie H

Posted at 11:50 AM on October 1, 2012  

Let’s just HOPE CPS will maybe listen THIS time???They have a LOT to answer for if they have ignored complaints without looking into them…

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Posted at 2:41 AM on October 8, 2012  

I never followed this family much.I thought 8 kids who cares? She wasent the 1st or last to have 8 kids.What I do find that is sick.Kate is a child abuser.I got the book just b4 it was pulled.What the book lead me to see was the truth.How can this be looked over? It’s in her own words.Kate Gosselin did fool the world,while the kids suffered….and they still do!! OMG,read the book.

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Debbie H

Posted at 8:55 AM on October 8, 2012  

I wish I did have the opportunity to read the book but alas Kate’s attorneys got Amazon to pull it…YOU are so lucky you got it in time…Please share any points with us that you think are really notable that maybe hasn’t gotten a lot of attention…I would love to hear it:) Thanks!

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