Snoop Dogg’s A Bad Father For Smoking With His College Dropout Son

Tue, September 18, 2012 1:13pm EST by 11 Comments 22,641 Article Views
Snoop Dogg Son Calvin Cordozar Broadus
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Snoop’s son Corde Calvin Broadus flooded Twitter with shocking pictures after he wrote about how much he missed going to school. I love Snoop, but he may just be the worst dad of all time!

Snoop Dogg is a beloved rap icon, but he sure seems to be a lousy father!

As our friends at Media Take Out found, Snoop, 40, was spotted in some VERY provocative pics on the Twitter of his 18-year-old son, Corde Calvin Broadus. In multiple shots, Corde is smoking — and in one shot from Sept. 13 he’s even lighting his dad’s bong!

Snoop is obsessively pro-marijuana, but what is sad about all of this is how this seems to have influenced Corde’s life. On March 29, 2011, he tweeted, “I’m ready for college braddah.” But by Sept. 14 of this year, he posted a scenic picture with the words, “What I miss about school.”

What happened in between? Although he looks to be developing a career as a mixtape rapper, he’s mostly posted pics of him smoking and playing video games.

Snoop: I know you’re a rap superstar, but Corde will not have a happy life if he just lives off all of your money doing nothing. He seemed to be so ambitious and college-bound, but now he’s smoked it all away. To us, smoking pot with your teenage son is no way to set a good example, and you shouldn’t derail his collegiate dreams just because you love weed.

I love your music, Snoop — but this is truly heartbreaking. I hope your other younger kids — Cordell and Cori Broadus — have more ambition. After all, Cori is already developing a singing career of her own!

Do YOU think Snoop is an irresponsible dad, HollywoodLifers?

– William Earl

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Posted at 10:36 PM on February 23, 2015  

Haha that’s not even cordell that’s his older son

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Posted at 8:35 PM on January 14, 2015  

Nah man that’s not even right, if he smokin weed like that, he’s been smoking awhile. Nobody put a gun to his head and told him to smoke it, he’s 18 he’s responsible for his own life.

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Posted at 3:18 AM on December 22, 2013  

He’s from long beach really weed was introduced to me at 11 in middle school and I was an a student soo umm no lb there’s a smoke shop on every corner:P I don’t smoke anymore but peer pressure is fierce here. By introduced I mean given to me for free by friends.

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Posted at 5:41 PM on October 11, 2013  

Snoop dog is not a bad father based on the content of this article. Snoop dog has never hidden his marijuana use nor his advocacy for its legalization. Considering that and that corde is 18, an adult i consider it no different than my father and i enjoying a drink together when i was 18. Yes the legal drinking age was 18 way back then.

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jeffery house

Posted at 12:40 AM on July 31, 2013  

Has anyone forgot eeed is legal in CA ? Duh

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Posted at 7:16 AM on December 27, 2012  

I don’t think he’s a bad father. I would rather my kid do it at home rather than any other place. I don’t see anything wrong with him smoking weed with his son. I’d rather it be weed than crack.

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Posted at 6:11 PM on September 18, 2012  

Snoop is still a better parent than Dina Lohan.

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Posted at 4:23 PM on September 18, 2012  

I personally do NOT think that SNOOPS smoking Influenced his SON to smoke, I think he son smokes because he Chooses too smoke (like a lot of YOUNG and OLD folk Choose to do these days) Like it’s the thing to do… Hmmpf I don’t smoke but I have a son that does,, do I approve NO but he’s an adult

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Susy M.

Posted at 3:25 PM on September 18, 2012  

I think for what I’ve seen, they are very into the Rastafarian culture, so for them smoking Ganja (( cause that’s not pot or weed)) is something that’s is consider normal and sacred for that culture, cause according to their Bible the Ganja or sacred plant (( i believe was that)) is mentioned in several parts as a very good thing and also was found next to the grave of their king. I’m not 100% sure but it’s something like that….

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Posted at 8:08 AM on September 19, 2012  

Disgusting man, he does not know better because he is a drug addict himself.

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Posted at 9:12 AM on December 4, 2012  

@Ann its ignorant people like u that give weed a bad name which isn’t a drug cause u never heard of anyone dying of smoking weed maybe if u lit up a joint you wouldn’t b such a douche

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