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Susan Sarandon Is Fed Up With Politics As Usual

Fri, September 14, 2012 12:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

The outspoken actress calls out the Supreme Court and tells us, in an EXCLUSIVE interview, only the ‘people’ can change what’s wrong with our elections. Read on for more details!

Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon, 65, has been a champion for numerous liberal causes in her illustrious career. And she isn’t about to start shying away from hot political topics now!

She talked to, EXCLUSIVELY, at the premiere of her new thriller, Arbitrage, opening Sept. 14  – the event sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, Piagat and Brioni. She explained how the influence of big money donors is corrupting democracy in America.

” . . . the biggest change is now you don’t even have to hide how much money you’re taking from superpowers, you can just take it legally, and I find that very disheartening,” the actress mused.

Susan was referring to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, which ruled that money equals free speech – removing all limits on how much big business can donate to campaigns.

The issue gets to the heart of free and fair elections, but Susan doesn’t have much faith that either party will address the problem, “I don’t think Congress are the ones who are going to do it. It’s gonna have to come from the people. Congress is benefitting from that.”

For Susan, this is a case of the wolves watching the hen-house.

“It’s just gotten worse, and worse and worse, so obviously, how do you get those people to regulate themselves?”

A grassroots solution, though, takes passion from ordinary citizens. Voters fatigued by the drama in DC who are tuning out all together could undermine reform. Susan herself is a bit fed up with following a political cycle that doesn’t ever seem to change.

“I didn’t watch the conventions. Either of them. I don’t have a TV and I felt like I had done it already. I was there last time . . .”

If influential and energetic activists like Susan Sarandon have had it with politics, one wonders if the will to get big money out of elections is really out there at all.

— Gino Orandini

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