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’19 Kids And Counting’ Recap: Strep Throat Strikes Duggar Family

Tue, September 4, 2012 11:49pm EDT by 3 Comments
Courtesy of TLC

A nasty case of strep throat sweeps through the Duggar family leaving everyone, including the film crew, at risk! And Jedidiah puts his videographer skills to work to document every sneeze, cough and hack.

Jedidiah Duggar took advantage of his family’s peril to film first-hand footage of their suffering before the professional film crews arrived, in the Sept. 4 episode of 19 Kids And Counting.

Sickness strikes the family later in the hour. Let’s first go on a trip with the Duggar parents.

“Duggar Growing Pains”

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar dominate the first episode with their trip to Washington DC and a visit with “Growing Pains” star and fellow Christian, Kirk Cameron.

Never left unprepared, Jim Bob packs enough clothes to last more than a week. According to him, you never know when you’re going to get your shoes or clothes muddy. What kind of trip to the capital are you going on, Jim Bob?

While the parents fly north for the Love For Life Conference, the kids head to Tulsa. Then on the way back, they stop at a pizza joint and learn how to toss the dough to make the pies. Call it the cultural event of the trip.

Back in DC, Jim Bob overcomes his fear of public speaking to share with Michelle their marriage experiences — the good, the bad and the ugly.

“Sometimes there’s a thousand people out there. It’s really scary, all these people staring at you,” Jim Bob says.

He makes it through, playing the self-depracating card by giving all the credit to Michelle for their strong marriage. Good call!

The couple then heads over to DC’s famous Ben’s Chili Bowl — well loved by both Jim Bob and President Barack Obama.

“Hey, we have that in common!” Jim Bob cheers.

They meet up with Mike Seaver… I mean Kirk Cameron of the ’90s family sitcom Growing Pains.

“It’s awesome, if it weren’t for Growing Pains, I wouldn’t be here today,” Kirk says. Glad that he can still embrace his role 20 years later, even though his life has become more about his faith than his fame.

The awkward moment of the night comes when two women asked to have their picture taken with the Duggar folks. The one woman casually hands her camera over to Kirk, not realizing the famous person snapping their picture.

With a little help from Mr. Duggar, the woman finally puts the face with the name and she crowds in for a pic with Kirk. All’s well that ends well.

“Duggar Sick Day”

The Duggars take us on trip down memory lane to feature their five children that have lived their entire lives in front of the cameras.

“This is like the ultimate home video,” Michelle says of her family’s time on television.

Like Michelle says, it will be interesting to hear the perspectives of Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn and Josie about growing up in America’s living rooms.

Next Jim Bob put his five years of experience working in a grocery store to use, and shows us the Duggar pantry. It’s actually one of their garage bays that stores up to a month’s worth of food. Everything is labeled and facing front, exactly as Dad likes it.

Side note: Can anyone tell me why the Duggar’s have a flag of Israel in what looked like their laundry room? Is it simply a souvenir from their trip to Jerusalem last season?

Mommy Michelle lets the younger kids help her cook lunch. Not exactly a well-balanced meal, she does squeeze in a helping of broccoli between the heavy mac and cheese and stuffing courses.

“Children are more prone to try a little of everything when they make the food,” Michelle said. I’ll believe it. Plus less work for mom.

Jedidiah’s become the “video man of the family” and he showcases his increasing video skills by… sticking his waterproof camera in the dishwasher.

Well, he’s impressing the family’s film crew at least. They step in front of the camera to express how impressed they are with the little auteur.

“The best way to get into Hollywood, is to let your work speak for itself,” cameraman John Rotan offers. Looks like you’re on your way Jedidiah.

Sickness spreads quickly in a house full of kids, and this time the Duggar family is struck down by strep throat.

Before entering the home, the film crew takes all precaution — strapping on surgical face mask and gloves.

A full lineup of all the children, taking temperatures and checking throats, luckily finds only eight kids sick. Not as bad as 2010’s chicken pox crisis, as seen in season four.

One family doesn’t mind risking their health to visit the Duggars. Lydia with her two kids Luke and Rachel, brought a down-home, Southern meal to share with the large clan. Quite a difference cooking for nearly 20 people rather than a family of four.

“We would all get strep throat to hang out with the Duggars,” Lydia said. Now that’s what you call a true friend!

What did you think Hollywoodlifers? Were you excited to see the eldest Seaver son, Kirk Cameron? Do you think Jedidiah is the next Steven Spielberg? Tell us in the comments below!

— Emily Morgan

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