‘Bachelor Pad’ Recap: Chris Bukowski’s Shocking Hook-Up

Chris gets cozy with Jamie, Erica Rose fights with Kalon, and the twins dominate on the season premiere of 'Bachelor Pad'! It's time for Bachelor/Bachelorette Pad rejects to redeem themselves with America. Yes, it's Bachelor Pad time and with $250,000 on the line, these professional love seekers will do whatever it takes to get their hands on the dough.

But first things first: Where are our beloved rejects now? That is the only reason we watch this show, right?

Host Chris Harrison opens up the episode by briefing viewers what everyone has been doing since they left the house with a broken heart.

Chris Bukowski fresh off being dumped by Emily Maynard says, “my heart is definitely hurting.” Lindzi Cox — who lost to Courtney Robertson says, “I’ve learned you can’t trust anyone,” after being left on the cliff for Court.

Jaclyn Swartz, also hailing from Ben’s season, bonds with Lindzi at first and then gossips about hearing that another Ben dumpee, Blakeley Jones, will be joining them.

“Blakeley thinks we’re besties, but actually we’re frenemies,” she says.

And next up: Kalon. Of course, he rolls up in a Ferrari! Right away he talks about how America remembers him as “the guy who called Emily’s daughter garbage.”

“The way the world works now is you’re a villian if you speak your mind,” he says. Yes Kalon, and helicopters are a common form of transportation these days too.

Michael Stagliano says he’s back at the pad to find “love for real this time.” Erica Rose is back too — and she’s hoping for a more positive experience this time around, but there’s one person she doesn’t want to see: Kalon. to be there because apparently they know each other from the uber-exclusive Houston social scene.

Next up are the fans — who the former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants aren’t crazy about.
Paige Vigi, from NYC, says feels like she’s going to pee her pants — which has happened before — because she’s so excited. Chris Bain, a SWAT officer who LOVES to watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette,  seems like the nice guy next door. Donna Zitelli says she’s going to live in her bikini, and David Mallet reveals he has a crush on Lindzi.

And if we didn’t think this was enough crazy for one season, double trouble knocks on the door: the twins, Brittany and Erica Taltos.

Chris H. goes on to promise viewers that they’re in for a season full of “drama, conflict and hopefully love.”

But now it’s time to get down to business. Ed Swiderski and Reid are acting like friends, but we’re sure once they drink a little more that will quickly change.

Jaclyn walks in and gossips about Blakely, “I hate her so much it hurts.” And Erica Rose and Kalon interact for the first time.

“I don’t want you to attack my appearance,” Erica Rose says to Kalon. ” I’ve worked really hard on it.”

Kalon goes on to say that she gives Houston a bad reputation because she stripped naked on the show.

Everyone quickly turns their focus to the fans.

“I think it’s annoying that the fans are here,” Sarah Newlon says.

The crew takes shots and is getting acclimated. Ed even makes himself at home and strips to his undies and jumps in the pool. As Chris Harrison says, “it’s going to be a wild ride,” especially since they’ll be competing as couples.

Chris B. makes the decision to pair with Blakely, but he admits that he’s scared of her.

“She can be a little scary,” he says, after Blakely threatens to jump his throat after he says he needs to make sure the other girls aren’t mad at him because he paried with Blakely.

Falling For Love

The contestants are forced to cram into hallow hearts as couples which are lifted into the air. Once the hearts reach its highest point, they’re tilted towards the floor. The first couple to fall out of the heart loses and receives a vote to leave.

Unfortunately for everyone, that means the twins end up going to on a fantasy date. While they ride roller coasters, everyone back at the house drinks and smooches.

Most shocking hook-up of the evening? Chris B. and Jamie Otis.

Erica Rose receives word that David is trying to have everyone vote her out of the house so she decides to confront him.

But nothing to worry about for Bachelor Pad veteran Erica Rose, because she doesn’t end up going home.

Sadly super fan Paige is sent home with packed bags! So sad!

Overall, it’s definitely going to be an interesting season.

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