‘RHONJ’ Recap: Joe Gorga Dances Topless & Makes Up With Teresa Giudice

Melissa and Teresa make peace, Joe G. goes topless and Albie and Rosie's girlfriends meet the family on the July 8 episode of 'RHONJ.' The episode began with Melissa and Joe Gorga preparing for Antonia’s sixth birthday bash. The New Jersey casa was decorated with balloons, confetti and -- a GIANT blow-up caterpillar.


“I only have one little girl and she only turns six once,” Melissa tells the cameras.

Frenemister-in-law Teresa Giudice and her clan plan on attending the party since their relationship is on the road to recovery. However, Joe Giudice isn’t having it. Are you surprised? Thank goodness we have little Milania to call him out on it.

“You never want to see your kids!” Milania screams. Scary!

And even brother Joe is happy that Teresa and the girls are attending Antonia’s party. Even though he claims therapy didn’t work last episode and that he’ll “never go again,” he feels like they can figure things out – and not on Dr. Sweeney’s couch. And (bonus) there is one idea almost everybody can agree on: Sunday dinners. Hooray!

Everyone is sugar and rainbows at the party until Jacqueline arrives. It’s obviously super awkward between J and Teresa, but J wants to make amends.

“I want to have the relationship I used to have with her,” Jacqueline says.

I think she’s going to have to find closure within herself to make that happen because Teresa clearly doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Thankfully, they didn’t spend that much time running in circles — I have a feeling that will happen next week in California though.

Back in Hoboken the Manzo brothers are waking up from a wild night and Albie plants the seed that his new girlfriend, Lindsey, is going to meet Mom soon!

But Albie’s girlfriend wasn’t the only one to meet the family this episode. Rosie also brought home her new girlfriend, Brianne, which was brief, but went well!

In New York City, Gia prepares for a dance audition while her Aunt Melissa is training with famous dance choreographer, Chris Judd. I’d really like to see a dance-off between Melissa and Gia, and I hate to say it, but I think Gia would win. Gia should have been working with Chris! Don’t you agree?

Outside of the dance studio, Albie prepares to introduce Lindsey to his mom, Caroline, at a gay bar, but she’s already on edge about the new girl.

“I worry because at this point in Albie’s life he’s not ready to have that kind of relationship. He should be focusing on his career,” Caroline says.

Melissa feels differently because she gets on stage and drags Albie’s girlfriend with her. But not too long after she questions her own husband’s sexuality after he dances on a table – TOPLESS — grinding with other men.

“Joe’s not gay. Is he?” Melissa asks.

No, I think he just likes to show off his abs!

Overall, there was pretty little drama compared to the usual craziness! I think it’s probably because we needed a break before their trip to California next week.

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