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Make Your Man Happy On Date Night: See 'Savages'

Fri, July 6, 2012 5:42pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 2 Comments
Savages Movie

Warning – this is NOT a chick flick! When you agree to see Oliver Stone’s ‘Savages’ you will be making your man ecstatic for several reasons.

Savages has everything a guy will like – a gorgeous girl (Blake Lively) raunchy sex including a threesome, guns, gore and plenty of weed. Your guy will definitely owe you big time if you surprise him with tickets to Savages this weekend so do it!

Here’s the Savages plot, but if you’re like me, you really won’t get too emotionally involved in the story. This is not Twilight or Hunger Games.

So – Blake Lively plays Ophelia or “O” as her two boyfriends like to call her. And yes she has two boyfriends – Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch) – who are also best friends and they don’t mind sharing her. In fact, they’re both in love with her and she’s equally in love and lust with both of them – no jealousy.

In other words – this is NOT real life. So Ben and Chon are successful businessmen running a marijuana-growing empire and Ben, the Buddhist botanist, has developed some incredibly powerful strain of weed. Life is good and mellow until one of the major and violent Mexican drug cartels moves in and wants to partner with Ben and Chon against their will.

The best part of the film is watching stunning Salma Hayek play the ruthless Elena who heads the cartel but can’t control her own university student daughter. Elena order O’s kidnapping and that sets up an ever increasingly violent series of payback events by Ben and Chon in order to try to force Elena and her sadistic enforcer, Lado (Benicio Del Toro), to give O back.

The film will a) convince you to never EVER even dream about growing a marijuana plant and b) never EVER want to see Benicio Del Toro in real life. How Penelope Cruz can live with him, I don’t know. He always plays psycho killers.

But c) going to Savages will also earn you relationship payback. Your guy will now HAVE to go to see Magic Mike with you! Ha!

Bonnie Fuller

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