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Karen Klein Meets Man That Raised More Than $659,000 For Her

Thu, June 28, 2012 3:48pm EDT by HL Intern 18 Comments
Karen Klein Donation

Karen — a bus monitor and grandmother of 8, who was bullied by four seventh-grade boys — met the man behind a huge donation site in her name.

Karen Klein, 68, had Max Sidorov over to her home in Greece, N.Y., finally meeting the man that changed her life forever.

“Great. Great. Nice guy, nice guy,” Karen said  in and interview with ABC News. “I’m very appreciative.”

Karen, who captured the heart of America, was a victim to abusive bullying by four seventh-grade boys when she was riding the school bus as a bus monitor. The abuse was caught on tape and the video had more then 2 million views on YouTube.

After seeing the video, Max, who has been a victim of bullying in the past, decided to take action.

“I know how it feels, nobody should have to go through that, ever,” said Max.

Max set up a website, on, a sit dedicated to helping causes raise money, seeking donations to send Karen on vacation. He originally set a goal of $5,000 but ended up raising over $125,000 in the first 24 hours.

A petition on has also been started urging President Obama to allow Karen to accept the money tax-free, even though the money is not taxable. The site already has accumulated more then 7,500 signatures.

Max reflects on what he has done saying, “I didn’t think anyone expected anything like this.”

Karen spoke about how she would use the money, ” I need new carpeting, maybe a paint job here and there. Pay off all my bills so that I can retire.”

The grandmother of 8, one who has Down syndrome, will also donate part of the money to support research.

“I almost feel like I don’t deserve it,” Karen said. “They should be sending their donations to other people that have more problems than I do.”

Karen continues saying how grateful she is the Max was able to turn something so painful into something beautiful.

Max said,” If everyone gave each other support and kindness, none of this would ever happen anywhere.”

Donations for Karen will be accepted for 24 more days.

Karen has also released a statement saying she would not press charges against the boys and hopes they will not be expelled.


— Caroline Zapatero

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