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'Awkward' Season 2: Ricky Schwartz Has 'Something Up His Sleeve'

Thu, June 28, 2012 5:10pm EDT by Andy Swift Add first Comment

‘Awkward’ returns with new episodes at 10:30 p.m. TONIGHT! Read our interview with Matthew Fahey, who plays Ricky, the awkward-est one of all.

While the second season of Awkward brings a boatload of new drama with it, viewers will also be happy to know that some things never change — like Ricky Schwartz being a clueless, heartbreaking doofus! chatted with Mr. Schwartz himself, Matthew Fahey, for the scoop on Ricky’s relationship with Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) this season. Spoiler alert: It does not get better.

I love Ricky, because I feel like he embodies everything this show is about. There’s no one more awkward than Ricky.

I would say so. He doesn’t know who he is yet. He has a girl that’s in love with him, and I think he doesn’t realize how much she likes him. But he does know she’ll forgive him anytime he does something wrong. Ricky’s off his rocker. He talks to Tamara and then, like a dog who just saw a squirrel run by, he’s looking at another girl’s a**. He’s like a little puppy.

So is there any hope for him getting his act together?

There’s a good heart in there somewhere. Like I said, he’s a puppy. He doesn’t know what he wants. He’s always screwing things up, but not on purpose. He wants to love everybody and please everybody.

Can you relate to him at all?

I’ve never been one to play a girl. My mom brought me up to be respectful. But in the way I am like Ricky, I’m a nerd. I just went to E3, and I was there for a long time playing video games. I knew all the new games, and I waited 30 minutes to go into a room and play a game.

The ‘Awkward’ set seems like such a fun place. Do you guys have a blast?

We go on set and take our jobs very seriously, but when we’re off set, we all hang out. We’re all really comfortable with each other, like one big family. We try to keep the mood light and just have a good time.

So what can we expect this season from Ricky and Tamara?

You’ll see the whole back-and-forth thing happening again. She loves Ricky, but he always has something up his sleeve. She does slap me pretty hard.

Is he doomed to disappoint Tamara forever?

It’s fun, and I think it adds a different aspect to the show. It adds a thing for Tamara where it gives her a range of different emotions. I think it’s a good little set-up. And everybody has known a Ricky Schwartz, even if it’s in girl form.

— Andy Swift

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