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Hooray To Cate Edwards For Forcing Dad John Edwards To Dump Rielle Hunter

Wed, June 27, 2012 6:43pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 10 Comments
Rielle Hunter John Edwards Relationship

Cate – I sure hope that a new report is true – that you gave your father a much-needed ultimatum – ‘It’s Rielle or Me!’ You couldn’t stand by after Rielle trashed your mom, Elizabeth Edwards.

Cate Edwards – you must feel so betrayed by your father John Edwards. You stood by his side every day at his trial for illegally using campaign contributions to cover up his illicit affair with Rielle Hunter.

Your loyal and unswerving presence no doubt helped convince jurors of your father’s innocence.

But how did he repay you? By allowing the mistress that destroyed his marriage to your mom and who tore your family apart , to write a book, What Really Happened, that assassinated your mom’s character.

That’s why I’m proud of you for allegedly putting your foot down with your father, according to the new issue of the National Enquirer.

“It’s either her or me!” sources say that you Cate, 30, told your father. You insisted that he finally dump Rielle for good or lose his relationship with you forever.

Now HollywoodLife readers, I have to interject to say that the National Enquirer is the media outlet which actually broke the entire story about the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter affair as well as Rielle’s pregnancy with now daughter, Quinn, 4. So they’ve been on the money in their reporting about John Edwards and Rielle up until now.

In any case Cate, you had to be beyond furious when Rielle published her book, which contains vicious attacks on your mother, Elizabeth, who tragically died of breast cancer in 2010 at the age of 61. Rielle has the nerve to call your mom a “witch on wheels,” as well as describing her in such choice words as “venomous” and “crazy.”

Rielle even goes so far as insisting that Elizabeth Edwards drove John Edwards to cheat by not sleeping with him herself. “You don’t go through two-plus decades of extra-marital relationships unless both parties are responsible,” Rielle writes, revealing that lover boy John had been a long-term, repeat cheating louse.  “My thinking is that if you aren’t having sex with your partner, the chances are high that someone else is.”

In other words, Rielle gave herself permission to hop into bed with your dad – it was Elizabeth’s fault that he had needs.

No daughter, who has had a normal, loving relationship with her mom, could read what her father’s lover wrote for the world to see, without her stomach churning.

In fact Cate, you must have felt like your father kicked you in the stomach, when you read what Rielle wrote about your mom, and her affair with your dad. What a low blow! It’s even worse than the original betrayal of cheating on your mom.

After all, your father knew that Rielle was writing this book. He probably read it multiple times before it was published which means that he passively approved of it, even though he had to know how hurtful it would be to you and your two younger siblings, Emma Claire, 14, and Jack, 12.

That’s so thoughtless and selfish.

You’re absolutely “disgusted, sickened and revolted by the comments Rielle has made in her book about (your) brave, beloved mom,” according to the Enquirer‘s source. And that’s exactly how you should feel. Those are normal feelings.

Plus, your dad had no sooner been exonerated after his trial, that he had photos taken of himself with Rielle and Quinn and released to the media.

It was a clear “announcement” to the world that he and Rielle were in fact still a couple after pretending that the romance was over for all these years.

But not for long. Rielle broke the news in her Good Morning America interview with George Stephanopoulos on June 26, that she and your father had broken up.

“We are a family but as of last week, John Edwards and I are no longer a couple,” she revealed, while she also annoyingly added that she still loves him.

I suspect that your ultimatum worked Cate, and that he finally, five years later, put his relationship with you and your siblings ahead of his torrid romance with homewrecker, Rielle.

He may have been too unprincipled and wimpy to stop his lover from assaulting your mother in her book, but at least, he’s finally trying to stop the hurt.

Good for you Cate, for allegedly standing up to your thick as a brick dad, for yourself and for your two younger siblings. Your mom Elizabeth is applauding from heaven!

Bonnie Fuller

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