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'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber Portwood Walks Out Of Couples Therapy

Tue, June 26, 2012 11:55pm EDT by 2 Comments
'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber Portwood Walks Out Of Couples Therapy

Amber & Gary are finally reunited, but when they talk things through during couples’ therapy, Amber can’t take it and walks out! Meanwhile, Farrah’s date with her neighbor ends in a near argument.

This week’s Teen Mom drama continues and it’s one of the most cringe-worthy episodes yet. And we finally know why Farrah Abraham posted she was “freaking out” over the episode!

Farrah’s Date Goes Incredibly Sour

Farrah meets cute with her neighbor Adam and they decide to go out together. Even with their awkward golf date, Adam seems like a nice guy and takes her out to dinner a few days later. During their meal, Farrah is worried about Sophia so Adam suggests she relax a bit. Farrah then gets really defensive and they nearly start a fight because she doesn’t feel like she has time to “relax” and would rather be working all the time. So was Farrah “freaking out” on Twitter because she was completely blowing him off? She posted on her account after the episode aired: “Well what can I say I’m a hard workin momma trying to make a life for my daughter and I:) no RELAXED boys allowed!”


Amber & Gary Deal With Their Trust Issues

Amber has been in rehab for a month so Gary finally gets the go-ahead to visit with Leah. Amber is detoxing and says she wants to get her life together (of course we know what eventually happens). Shortly before Gary arrives, Amber’s counselor tells her that the three of them can’t be in the same room together because of court orders. When they come, she sees Gary for a short moment and darts off to see her daughter. Later, Amber and Gary go through couples’ therapy and talk about their trust issues. It starts off well but when Gary says that he doesn’t like that she’s been with other guys, she walks out during their session! After cooling down, she comes back to talk and she says she wants to start over with Gary.


Catelynn & Tyler Have To Take Care Of A New Baby — Tyler’s Father 

Catelynn and Tyler are officially on summer vacation but they have a brand new responsibility — taking care of Tyler’s estranged father Butch who is out on parole and is staying with them. It’s interesting seeing how — as teens — they are the ones taking care of an adult. One night, they even have to lock him out because he never came home. Tyler is worried and when Butch finally shows up, he promises he wont do it again.


Maci Meets Ryan’s New Girlfriend

Maci is in Florida so she can be close to Bentley and Ryan…and his new girlfriend, Dalis. Everyone there (and probably everyone watching on TV) feels it’s “kind of weird” for Maci to be there. Maci admits that she’s jealous that Dalis is with her son. She gets even more jealous when she sees how Dalis and Bentley are getting along. When Maci visits her son at the beach, she’s hurt that Bentley clearly wants to spend more time with Dalis and his dad, telling his mom ‘Go away.” Later, Maci meets up with Ryan’s family for a photo. Dalis does the wise thing and hangs back, choosing not to be in the pic. Maci then invites Ryan and Dalis to a club and Dalis surprisingly says yes while Ryan declines.

What a cringe-worthy episode! Vote below — which Teen Mom‘s story was most awkward this week?

— Lorraine Chow

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