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'Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp Recap: Bristol Feels She's 'Failed As A Mom By Picking Worst Dad For Tripp'

Tue, June 26, 2012 11:19pm EDT by 16 Comments
Bristol Palin Reality Show

Bristol wishes she could ‘erase half of Tripp’s DNA’ when she finds out her ex, Levi, writes a salacious tell-all about her family! Down on men and down on L.A., she moves back to Alaska. Get all the details on what else happened in the second episode here!

Bristol begs her sister Willow to come back to Los Angeles, ‘she and Tripp need her support.’ Willow gives in and comes back to L.A.

Bristol finds out her her ex, Levi Johnston, wrote a tell-all full of lies about her family. She’s livid and says his reason for writing it is that he has nothing better to do, ‘he doesn’t have a job and the tabloids aren’t interested in his story.’

She talks about Levi being absent from Tripp’s life and says, ‘I failed as a mom — I picked the worst possible candidate for his dad. I wish anyone else could’ve been his dad.’

Bristol says she’s going to call Levi out on his lies. She tries to call him, but he doesn’t pick up. ‘[His lies] don’t hurt me because I know they’re all false,” she says. Bristol wishes she had someone to co-parent Tripp and says she wouldn’t wish the scrutiny her family’s under on anyone.

Bristol goes shooting with friends to take her mind off Levi. They prop up Levi’s book and she shoots it to pieces saying, “This is for all the single moms.”

Bristol decides to go home to Alaska because she’s sick of being harassed. L.A. showed her how much she needs her family.

Back in Alaska, Bristol wants Levi to be a consistent part of Tripp’s life so she asks him to meet up with her to discuss visitation. Levi never shows. Little Tripp says, ‘I never want to come back.’

Bristol realizes ‘Levi is never going to be the type of dad I want him to be.’ She also realizes she has a good thing right in front of her in Gino. She wants Gino ‘to be there and be consistent.’ The two decide to make their relationship ‘official.’

What will happen next? Tune in next week to find out!