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Teased Bus Monitor Karen Klein: What I'll Do With My $650,000

Mon, June 25, 2012 10:45am EDT by Dory Larrabee 21 Comments
Karen Klein Donation

In a June 25 interview on ‘Today’, bullied bus monitor Karen Klein revealed her plans for the almost $650,000 that has been donated to her thus far.

Everyone has seen the video of Karen Klein, 68, being tormented by teens on a school bus. After receiving verbal and physical abuse, supporters around the world have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the Today show, she told Ann Curry what she planned on doing with her newfound fortune.

At this moment, people have donated more than $646,000 dollars! “I keep thinking, what have I done? It’s like, I don’t, almost feel like I deserve it. I’m glad that its come out, and that everyone knows what goes on,” Karen told Ann Curry on Today.

Karen says she has been receiving notes from people that have been bullied and she would like to contact everyone and tell them how sorry she is. Her main goal from this abuse is, “I want kids to stop bullying. Maybe they can start up a new class in school to teach kids not to do stuff like that.”

Despite being tormented, Karen says she might go back to work. “Maybe I would go back, they’re not bad and I enjoy my job. Maybe.”

When asked what she is planning to do with her more than half-a-million dollars, Karen laughed.  “What would anybody do with that much money? I’d like to invest some, of course, donate to charity, my daughter, other daughter, they need cars, they need. It never ends.”

Max Sidorov is the man that started the donation fund. Karen has spoken to him on the phone and they will meet in person on Wednesday, June 27. Karen said she hopes he is making some money off this, too.