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'America's Got Talent': All Beef Patty Dominates In First Las Vegas Round

Mon, June 25, 2012 11:41pm EDT by 6 Comments
AGT All Beef Patty

The first Vegas round proved to be too much for some Americans, as singers, performers and stunt men took to the stage to impress — but ended up crashing and burning.

On the June 25 episode of America’s Got Talent, hundreds of teary-eyed contestants were thrust into the limelight. Under the shimmering lights of Las Vegas, the judges had to whittle the talent pool from to a meager 48. As the night progressed, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne had their work cut out for them as truly talented — and quite unique — acts morphed into sweaty balls of nerves up on stage. (Even one of my personal faves just did not deliver.) Find out which acts stumbled, fumbled, and forgot the words in this easy-to-use recap!

Right off the bat, host Nick Cannon introduced the show, and we were hoisted right into the dirty business of eliminations. Moments before that, however, Howard and Sharon informed the gathering crowd that the talent was split into two groups: The Judges’ Favorites — who got to perform first — and the Standbys, who took the stage to fill any remaining slots. If an act wasn’t on either list, well, that certainly was not good news for them.

For those that did get to perform again, they laid out their passion (and waterfall of tears) on stage for the whole world to see. Within the first 10 minutes, six acts — who were on neither list — were brought out to hear their fate…


Bandbaz Brothers (Acrobatic performers)
Charlie C (Singer)
Ivy Rose (Girl Rock Band)


William Close (giant string player)
Olate Dogs
David ‘The Bullet” Smith (Cannonball Guy)

The remaining hopefuls were then broken into several different categories:

Category – Danger

All Wheel Sports, 18-35 (Too busy)
American BMX Stunt Team (One member tumbled/skidded at the bottom of a ramp, and in the process, totaled his bike)
New Guard America, 17-47 (Meh.)
Cristin Sandu, 17 (Balancer, who had Sharon on pins-n-needles)
Ben Black – Crossbow Act (Too dangerous)

Category – Female Singers

Mary Joyner, 21 (Ouch.)
Roxy Doll, 23 (Amy Winehouse-wannabe)
Brianna Price, 20
Cecilia Detwiler, 17
Luna, 27  (ELIMINATED on the spot, after totally choking on her words)
Nikki Jensen, 25 (Pretty unique, had the panel buzzing about her)

Category – Dance Groups

Funk Beyond Control, 12-16 (Animals)
All That!, 23-26
Loyalty Dance Team, 14-23 (Pretty bland)
787 Crew, 19-30 (One guy took a particularly nasty fall after another dancer missed his mark)

Category – Miscellaneous

Horse, 25 (Nutcracker Guy, how is this an act?!)
All Beef Patty, 37 (Drag queen, who performed Carrie Underwood‘s “Before He Cheats,” brownie points for that and remembering the words)
Joe Castillo (Sand Painter)
Todd Oliver & Irving, 53 (Dog Puppeteer)
Light Wire Theatre, 26-34
Aurora Light Painters, 31-46

Category – Classical Singers

Simply Sergio, 47 (Forgot his words and tried to cover it up once Howard confronted him about it)
Luiz Meneghin, 54 (He did not forget his words, but something was missing)
Andrew De Leon, 19  (Everything seemed fine until the end when he forgot his words. Ouch)

(Phew. I am absolutely exhausted and rather disappointed after that hard-to-watch hour of primetime television. All Beef Patty was easily the highlight of the evening, mostly because she remembered the words to a Carrie song. Kudos for that!)

The big question, however, remains: Will the panel give golden-voiced Andrew De Leon another shot? (Please say yes!)

So, Hollywoodlifers, What was YOUR favorite fumble of the night? Your Favorite act? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.