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Justin Bieber: All Around The World Part 2 Recap: Justin Blows Up The Apollo Theater — Watch

Thu, June 21, 2012 11:14pm EDT by 4 Comments
Justin Bieber All Around The World

A power outage at The Apollo can’t stop Justin from giving his fans the best show ever! Now that’s dedication.

Justin Bieber continued his journey across the globe in part two of Justin Bieber: All Around The World on NBC. Read on to see if Justin was OK after passing out on those stairs in Paris and how the show must go on, no matter what.

At the end of part 1, Justin had passed out on the stairs after smacking his head into a glass window in Paris. After a tense 5 minutes that had manager Scooter Braun scared for his main man, Justin came to with only a small concussion and a nice little bruise on his forehead. Whew!

The next morning Justin jumped on a plane to his next destination – Milan. More screaming fans mobbed the pop-star, but Justin didn’t seem to mind, taking time to pose for pics with as many fans as possible. Aww, what a guy!

The fans might love Justin the most, but they share the love for his whole team. Catching a sight of music video director Alfredo Flores or Scooter is as much a thrill as seeing Justin himself.

A quick stop in Verona and Justin was on the move again to Madrid, Spain. And in case Justin was feeling a little homesick by this point, his dad and little sister Jazmyn were there for him. Justin and Jazmyn sang along to his hit “Boyfriend” and she couldn’t get enough.

“Play that song again,” she cooed. Even his sister’s got Bieber Fever.

But at the end of the day, Justin was happy to have his little sister around, cuddling with her on the couch while she slept peacefully. Such a good big brother!

Justin spread the amour from Spain to Mexico, where he got ready for his biggest show EVER – 250,000 people! No sweat though. Even with all those fans screaming outside, Justin sat in his room strumming his guitar, waiting for the show to start.

Justin’s calm demeanor reminded Alfredo of the first time the Beatles met Elvis Presley. Elvis was simply playing his guitar when the Fab Four walked in.

Comparisons to the Beatles and Elvis were everywhere, as Justin out-shined Sir Paul McCartney in Mexico. Over 150,000 more fans came out for Justin’s concert than for Paul’s 2 weeks prior. Looks like Bieber Fever trumps Beatlemania.

But what do you do after playing the biggest concert of your life? For Justin, you go back to the place where it all began.

He stopped by his hometown of Stratford, Canada and played an impromptu concert at the steps where he used to perform cover songs as a young boy on his guitar. This time he got to perform one of his own songs, as the crowd helped him sing “Baby.”

“It’s important to never forget where I came from,” Justin said.

The final stop on this two week tour that covered 19 cities in 7 countries was perhaps the greatest city on Earth – New York City!

Only one small problem – Justin had no place to hold his last concert. The New York Police Department would not grant the request for a permit to play an outside concert in any of the five boroughs. No surprise considering what happened in Europe and what Justin found waiting for him at Rockefeller Center on the day before his Today show performance.

Girls were camped out the entire week, waiting for Justin to arrive for his Friday morning performance. He even stood out the side of his car, waving to all his adoring fans decked out in their Bieber gear.

But the search was on for a venue, and Scooter AKA Mr. Gets It Done was on it. Justin’s one request – “I wanna go someplace Michael (Jackson) performed.”

Before his performance though, Justin had to check in with … the wife? Yes, Mrs. Bieber, Avalanna Routh was in New York to see Justin and the two couldn’t have been cuter. The six-year-old girl, who is fighting brain cancer, was so happy to see Justin, and the feeling was obviously mutual.

“I’m worried I won’t see her again,” Justin said about each time he meets up with Avalanna.

Finally the night of the secret show arrived, and it was all going down at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem. Ludacris and Justin performed their hit “All Around The World” and then things went south.

Alarms sounded backstage and Justin could no longer hear the music in his headset. All power to the audio equipment had shut down.

“Justin Bieber just blew up the Apollo,” one of his team members said, more proud of Justin than disappointed that they might not be able to go on.

Didn’t stop Justin. He had the most loyal and committed fans backing him up and they finished the concert together, all singing at the top of their lungs to their favorite Bieber tunes.

“It started with my fans, and tonight it ends with me and them,” Justin said. “I’m blessed. I have all my Beliebers to thank for that.”

Click below to see Justin’s fans around the globe try to catch a glimpse of the boy wonder. And tell us what you thought of Justin’s whirlwind tour all around the world!

Emily Morgan

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