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'Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp' Recap: 'Your Mother Is A W**re' Bar Battle

Wed, June 20, 2012 10:31am EDT by 5 Comments
Bristol Palin Reality Show

Bristol almost gets her head knocked off in a bar battle when a crazy man sexually insults her and her mother! This premiere on Lifetime was jam-packed with high drama–get the play-by-play of all the juicy details!

Bristol Palin is no stranger to the spotlight. We were first introduced to the young mom, 21, during her mother’s vice presidency bid, then she strut her stuff on Dancing With The Stars, and now she gives viewers an up close and personal peek inside her life in Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp.

Bristol gives us a glimpse of life in Alaska and we see her kicking back with mom, Sarah Palin, whom she refers to as, “her greatest inspiration!” We get a sense of the close-knit family she comes from: “My faith, family and friends held me up when the media tried to tear me down,” Bristol tells viewers.

In an effort to leave her comfort zone, Bristol decides to take son Tripp and sister Willow to Los Angeles, where she’s secured a position volunteering for a children’s charity. Sarah likens the adventure to the Beverly Hillbillies! Before setting off, Bristol says goodbye to her best friend Gino, whom she’s been dating on and off. The two have a playful exchange and Gino says, “‘I’ll be here when you get back.”

Bristol and family move into a friend’s mansion until she can find an apartment. We see her bathing Tripp, 3, who’s a scrumptious little blue-eyed cherub!

Willow and Bristol head into town for a little shopping, and it becomes clear the two are out of their element. Both make fun of the clothing, calling it “a store for strippers” and neither can figure out who would actually be able to fit into the clothing. Bristol says she never wants to be a size 0 and would rather stick to sweatshirts.

That night, Bristol heads to a dive bar with friends where she hops on a mechanical bull, falls off and hears, “Did you ride him like you rode Levi? Your mother’s a whore!” Bristol gets in the offender’s face and asks him what her mother ever did to him, and asks if he hates her mom  “because he’s a homosexual?” The heckler confirms that yes he is gay and can’t seem to give Bristol concrete reasons why he hates Sarah Palin, other than to say, “She lies” and “If there’s a hell, she’ll be there.” He then calls Bristol “white trash” and things start to get heated, but Bristol is whisked outside just in time.

Outside the bar, Bristol breaks down in tears and calls her mother, telling Sarah, that she hates what the family has to go through.

The next day Bristol starts her volunteer job at Help The Children, where she gets a tour of downtown Los Angeles, where she sees more homeless people than ever.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Willow is miserable in LA and feels Bristol treats her like her nanny and she wants to go home. Bristol tells Willow, “Everyone is going to be disappointed in you [if you go home].” The girls call mom, who tells Willow “She’ll regret this for the rest of her life.” Sarah says, ‘Tell each other you need each other and make it work.’  Bristol replies, ‘ We’re not a married couple!’

Despite Bristol’s crying and protests and heavy guilt trip, ‘Do you realize Tripp doesn’t have a father figure here?’ Willow gets in a taxi to leave.

What will happen? Tune in next week to find out!