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Justin Bieber's 'Believe' Album Is His Most Mature Sound Yet

Tue, June 19, 2012 3:47pm EDT by 8 Comments

Justin’s new ‘Believe’ album has zero to none teeny-bopper vibes in it. In fact — it’s pretty raunchy! Plus, he totally opens up about Selena. Read on for more details.

There’s one clear message that Justin Bieber wants to convey through his new album, Believe: He’s a man — and he’s here to stay!

From singing about taking a girl home in “Take You” (sorry, Selena!) to totally calling out his alleged baby mama Mariah Yeater in “Maria” — there’s no messing with this 18-year-old. This is a drastically different sound from his first album and I think it will appeal to a different — more mature — fan base. Justin’s album also features collaborations with record-breaking artists Big Sean, Drake AND Nicki Minaj which shows just how talented Justin is. Read on for my take on each song.

01. “All Around The World feat Ludacris”

Total dance club hit. It’s clear this one is about his fans and touring. Justin has publicly said that this album is for all of his Beliebers, so it’s fitting that this song is the first one on the track.

02. “Boyfriend”

Justin’s first single on Believe which is totally about girlfriend Selena Gomez. I love the hip-hop vibe mixed with his one-woman man mentality. Totally innovative and a great song to rock out in the car or club to.

03. “As Long As You Love Me feat Big Sean”

A catchy tune, but not my favorite. It’s too much of a 90s pop sound to fit in with the rest of the album

04. Take You

This song definitely breaks Justin’s good-boy image. These are his raunchiest lyrics yet. He basically sings about wanting to take a girl home. I’m just hope he only had one woman in mind: Selena.

05. Right Here feat Drake

Justin really taps into his inner gangster in this song. It sounds like something you’d here on an Usher album. Once again the song is about a girl who he just wants to hug and kiss. “Promise to be all that you need,” Justin and Drake sing. How romantic!

06. Catching Feelings

Break it down slow with this one. This is borderline Justin’s old boyband sound, but it’s still a good one. It sounds like it’s something Justin wrote about Selena when they were friends. “They say we’re too young for love, but I’m catching feelings,” he sings. It’s clearly a song about a friend having romantic feelings for a friend. Hmm!

07. Fall

This is about as “Baby” as it gets on this album and the lyrics are equally as feel-good-y. “Did you know that I love you? You’re the smile on my face,” Justin says. Definitely a good one!

08. Die In Your Arms

Justin’s third single from his Believe album. Definitely something you want to sing along and dance to!

09. Thought Of You

This song is a mix between feel-good and hip-hop. Not a dancing song, but definitely something good to sing along to. His voice also sounds amazing and hits some really hight notes in this one!

10. Beauty And A Beat feat Nicki Minaj

For all of you Nicki-fans out there, you are going to LOVE this collaboration. Justin and Nicki together is total dynamite. It’s definitely a song you’ll be hearing at the club. Plus, the lyrics are romantic. Justin says “all I need is a beauty and a beat” a.k.a — Selena and his music. I dub this the song of the summer!

11. One Love

This is a riding in your convertible with the top down kind of song or one you could just have on repeat all day. I’m assuming Selena was another inspiration for this one because he says “all I need is one love” and “I don’t want nobody when I got your body.” Oh la la!

12. Be Alright

Another tribute to Selena? I think so! “I’ve been waiting in my room for your call. I would walk a thousand miles for you,” he sings. So sweet! This song isn’t hip-hoppy, but it’s definitely a feel-good.

13. Believe

I love this one! Definitely a tribute to everyone who has helped him get to where he is today. I can’t even image how powerful this one would be live.

14. Out Of Town Girl

Justin brings down the house with this beat. We’re back to his hip-hop vibes as he sings “yo, yo, yo, get your hands up if you’re an out of town girl.” I’m not sure what this one is about, but it definitely shows off his more mature and manly side.

15. She Don’t Like The Lights

This song is more of a mellow beat and has a dark theme to it, basically Justin sings about the annoying parts of fame. I think it’s even safe to assume that it’s about Selena though because he sings about a girl who doesn’t like the flashbulbs. Hmm!

16. Maria

Note to women of the world: don’t falsely accuse Justin of fathering your baby or he WILL write a song about you. I think we have another Taylor Swift on our hands!

Overall great album — not a bad song on it! I love how Justin is exploring songs and being daring with his lyrics.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Weigh in below.

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