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'Jane By Design' Recap: Jane's Mom Returns For Her Birthday

Tue, June 19, 2012 10:46pm EDT by Andy Swift 10 Comments

Yes, Jane’s long-lost mom is finally back — direct from Wisteria Lane!

This may not have been Jane’s (Erica Dasher) best birthday ever, but it was definitely the most surprising. Not only did she learn the truth about the Donovan Decker mole on the June 19 episode of Jane By Design, but she also discovered intense new feelings for a certain co-worker. Oh, and did I mention her mom (Teri Hatcher) came back to surprise her? Happy birthday, indeed.

Eli (Bryan Dechart) was tasked with distracting Jane while preparations for her office surprise party were underway, but it didn’t take long for the line between business and pleasure to blur. I know we’re supposed to want Jane to end up with Billy (Nick Roux), but there’s no way you can deny the chemistry between Jane and Eli — and apparently neither can Eli. He asked her out on a real date at the end of her party, which of course, she accepted. (Smart girl!)

But Jane’s joy quickly turned to disappointment when a very drunk Jeremy (Rowly Dennis) confessed to being the real mole. He was tired of being pushed around by India (India de Beaufort), but I’m wondering if his little admission will end up hurting him more than helping him in the long run. Honesty is so overrated — especially on TV.

Meanwhile, Rita (Smith Cho) was kicking herself all night for taking a break with Ben (David Clayton Rogers) after a sexy ghost from their past entered the picture. Seriously, how is Rita — aka “Shaw the Jaw” — supposed to compete with a former prom queen? Either way, I can’t wait to see her try!

Then came the real bombshell. Just when Ben and Jane thought the last guest had cleared out of her “real” surprise party, they discovered a lingering crasher: their mom! Dun, dun dun!

OK, time for some theories: Why do you think Jane’s mom is back in town? Are you rooting for Jane and Eli to get together, or do you still want her with Billy? And why did Zoe lie about where she lived? Drop a comment with your every thought!

— Andy Swift