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'Bachelorette' Recap: Emily Maynard's Most Difficult Goodbye Yet

Mon, June 18, 2012 11:32pm EDT by 2 Comments

There’s no messing with Em now that the clock is ticking! Read on for more details about the most difficult goodbye this season’s seen yet — and even a ‘Bachelorette’ first! But did she make a mistake?

Emily Maynard and the boys continue on their Eurotrip on the June 18 episode of The Bachelorette and the competition is tougher than ever as eight guys remain.

But the 26-year-old mom isn’t messing around. In fact, we saw many Bachelorette shockers during this episode ranging from the shortest date EVER to (SPOILER ALERT) nobody going home after the rose ceremony. Em is definitely keeping us on our toes this season.

Date #1: Hello, Goodbye Travis

Literally this date ended before it started! The two went for a tour around Croatia where Travis opened up about his romantic past, but Em just wasn’t having.

“This is the toughest decision I’ve made so far,” she tells the cameras.

We think she was just trying to be nice. He did try to woo her with an oversized egg after all. Next!!

Date # 2: Group Date — Let’s Get Physical

The boys physical state is put to test in Croatia on their group date. Emily forces them to use an archaic bow and arrow to win their princess’ heart, but the most difficult task was the teeter-something test which Chris Bukowski clearly stood out in — even if he wasn’t aware of it at the time.

“The toughest part is I have such strong feelings for Emily and I don’t want to get lost in the shuffle,” Chris says.

At the end of the exhausting day Emily hands out an award to the bravest warrior. She first commends Sean Lowe — (surprise) he’s a fitness trainer after all, but ends up giving the award to Chris.

“Bravery to me is doing your own thing despite what everyone will think,” Emily says.

“I may have lost in the games, but I think I came out as the winner,” Chris says.

The two snuggle, kiss and a rainbow forms in the horizon behind them.

But Emily doesn’t waste time to see what the other boys are up to. Next up? Sean!

“I’ve have a lot of strong feelings for you,” Sean tells Emily.

And the feeling is mutual on Em’s end.

But not everybody is feeling confident. Arie Luyendyk Jr. admits he’s feeling insecure about his relationship with Em, but she assures him that she holds him to a different standard than the other boys. I thought we weren’t supposed to publicly choose favorites?

“I feel a lot better now that I’ve talked to Emily,” Arie says. Of course, you do!

And Arie isn’t the only one with a new sense of confidence.

“I would say yeah I’m due for a rose,” Ryan Bowers says. I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions… Ryan! Hello foreshadowing!

Next up is favorite Jef Holm. Seriously, he is the most adorable man that has ever been on the Bachelorette. Can we just cut to the season finale NOW?

“Right now I’m crazy for this girl,” Jef reveals.

Aww! And you know his feelings are genuine. He admits that they’ve had a slow road to “getting physical,” but it was only because he was scared.

“What took you so long to kiss me?” Emily asks. “I was scared to death to kiss you,” Jef says.

Jef goes on to tell her that he wants this to work out, and even though that they got off to a slow start, he really sees a future with her. Fingers crossed!

But then it’s time for Emily to give out a rose on the group date which goes to… Chris?

“This rose has to do with the fact that you are one of the kindest, sweetest and most handsome men I’ve ever met,” Emily says.

Arie and Jef’s jaws drop from across the room. And so did mine.

Date #3: A Rocky Road With Ryan Bowers

Emily sends Ryan a date-card saying: “The world is our oyster.”

But like Jef said, “everybody is up in arms about Ryan.” And eventually we find out that they were right to be so protective about the Southern man.

Jef and Arie both express their dislike towards Ryan, and frankly, Emily doesn’t seem to be feeling it as well.

“I don’t know how I feel about Ryan,” she tells viewers.

After Ryan and Em snap photos on a mountain top, they literally go fishing for oysters. And when the wine starts flowing — so do Ryan’s strange words.

“I know I want to have a great woman in my life so I’ve done my best to be a very great man,” Ryan tells Emily. “You’re a trophy wife.”

AGAIN with the “Trophy Wife” phrase! Emily understandably doesn’t respond well to that.

“Trophies don’t talk back,” she quips.

And then Emily embraces her inner “trophy wife” by dressing in glitter and gold for their romantic dinner. But this dinner quickly turns sour after Ryan read his “list” of qualities he looks for in a woman which includes: logic, beauty and the “perfect family.”
Emily bites her tongue, but can’t stand the pain for much longer.

“You are the first guy I asked on my very first date. And the first guy on my second date. You are so funny and great looking,” Emily says. “But your list of things that you look for in your future life, to be honest, on top of my list would be a loving family, not a perfect one. That would be in the top of my list. But it wasn’t on yours.”

You don’t have to be a relationship expert to tell that these two would not work out. Emily tells Ryan she cant give him the rose, and he says is “that is very shocking.” He, of course, doesn’t take the news well.

“Why at this point would you not let me show you the man I can be to you?,” Ryan asks.

Emily admits that this is the first time she feels unsure about her decision, but ultimately ends up giving him the boot. The guys back at the house literally jumped, cheered and embraced each other when they found out the news.

But the night doesn’t end without the much-anticipated late-night visit from Arie.

“Ryan would not be a good husband to you,” Arie says, after knocking on her door.

“You’ve got my back,” Emily says, smiling.

The two cuddle and kiss in Emily’s bed. Something tells me the boys weren’t happy when they watched that happen tonight! And Arie is falling hard for Em.

“I feel like I’m in love with Emily,” he says. “I feel like I could ask her to marry me tomorrow.”

Rose Ceremony

The boys trickle one-by-one in for the final rose ceremony of the week.

Emily begins to hand out roses to Sean, Jef, Arie, …

And man down!

Emily unexpectedly runs out of the rose ceremony to find host Chris Harrison.

“I don’t know what to do,” she says nervously to Chris. With only two men left in the house, Emily couldn’t find it in her to send one home.

“I’m sorry John and Doug I stand here and I start to second guess my decision and I had to go talk to Chris and I realized I couldn’t hand out the final rose,” she says.

So she gives them both a rose!

Seriously all the rules have been bent for Emily, but we totally love it!

Overall, it was a good episode. The connection between her and Jef is becoming stronger and next week we’ll finally find out the truth about Arie and ABC producer Cassie Lambert. While it was visibly difficult for Emily to send Ryan home, she did the right thing. He’s just one of those guys who can blind you with his charm and good looks, but deep down is ingenuous. He seemed to be more concerned about the appearance of his relationship with Emily rather than what’s really important: loyalty and unconditional love. This isn’t Emily’s first time at the rodeo — and that’s definitely not going unnoticed this time around. I’m proud of her — to say the least. She was clearly smitten with Ryan, but ultimately listened to her gut. Snaps to our favorite bachelorette!

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Are you happy Emily sent Ryan home? Vote and weigh in below.

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