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Dads Worth Less Money Than Moms? New Study

Sun, June 17, 2012 9:07am EDT by 6 Comments
Dads Worth Less

The dad in your life might be priceless, but a new study says dads are only worth one-third as much money as moms in the house. Surprised?

Just in time for Father’s Day, a surprising new survey says fathers are worth a lot less money than moms, as billionaire mom Jessica Simpson barely bats a lash while shaping her nails with a diamond encrusted file.

The insurance news and data website released its annual Father’s Day Index to calculate the wage that a dad would get for the work he typically does around the house.

The final tally? Papas value comes to $20,248 — about $1,000 less than the inflation-adjusted value of 10 years ago.

To get their number, the website matched government wage data to 13 different fatherly household tasks, such as barbecuing (matched to the U.S. Department of Labor’s “cooks, all other”), killing spiders (“pest control workers”) and mowing the lawn (“grounds maintenance workers”).

As for mommies? The site gave her household work value at a whopping $60,182!

“The tasks we associate with fathers — like handling family finances, moving furniture, removing pests and mowing the lawn — could be done for just 34 percent of the cost of hiring someone to perform all the cooking, driving and cleaning done by Mom,” said the report.

Score for the ladies! Now, how do we get women to earn more money than men in their actual paying jobs?

HollyMoms, what do YOU think about the data?

— Lorraine Chow

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