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'America's Got Talent': Meet Twiggy, The Water-Skiing Squirrel

Tue, June 12, 2012 11:28pm EDT by 4 Comments

Without a doubt, Twiggy is the best animal act to score an audition slot this season — which says more about the show than it does this incredibly adorable rodent.

On the June 12 episode, America’s Got Talent headed south to Tampa, Fla., to continue the search for a million dollar act! Did Howie MandelSharon Osbourne and Howard Stern find it? Well, they certainly found something worth talking about. As the talent was mostly lackluster, there were a few shining gems in the pile of rehashed overachievers who proved to not only bore but willed Howard to want to jump from a window. (Ouch.)

Instead of breaking down the top acts of the night, let’s take a look at the most buzz-worthy of the lot:

5. The Untouchables, Ages 8-13 – Students

(OMG) They danced to Jennifer Lopez‘s “On The Floor.” I just got (somewhat) unpleasant flashbacks to this season’s Idol. (Whoops.) They were decked out in frills, hot moves, and owned the stage. There was so much twirling I could’t quite focus, but it was quite entertaining.


4. The American BMX Stunt Team, Ages 20-44

10 people rode and performed at the same time! “Let’s hope for some broken something,” Howard quipped before they take the stage. The crew soared and plunged across the stage. There was a touch of blood-curdling danger that gripped the audience and engaged them to watch the entire routine. Needless to say, the crowd ate it up! (Nom, nom nom!)


3. Big Barry, 70 – Retired Restaurant Owner

He’s a 70-year-old teenager (OK, then). He had a great personality and oozed confidence, but once he took to the stage, he was pretty bad. The term “lounge singer” would be too generous to use to describe him. On hitting his X, “it was either that or jumping out a window,” Howard joked. (You aren’t the only one, dude.) Shockingly, Big was sent straight on to the Vegas round — presumably for the LOLz.


2. Lindsey Norton, 16  – Student/Acrobatic Dancer

With such ease and grace, she tossed and pivoted across the stage. Her body was made of water! With a lullaby-like song playing in the background, she bent and twisted her body like a pretzel ready for snack time. She made sure to pepper in some more artistic movements to flesh out her concept. Very nice. “I’m just so excited,” she giggled afterwards when asked why she was laughing.


1. Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel

(OMG.) Perhaps, the most adorable animal act I’ve ever seen. Needless to say, it was pretty simply as his owner placed him on a miniature jet ski. Twiggy — grasping the handle bars — rode ’round and ’round in little circles. Real talent? Nah. Entertaining? Heck yes!


Have you not watched the night’s episode? Check out Twiggy’s adorbs audition below:

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Hollywoodlifers, do you now want to own a pet squirrel? And what did YOU think of the nights acts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.