Hooray! 'Sister Wives' Kody Brown Doesn't Force His Non-Polygamist Brother To 'Drink The Kool-Aid'

Kody Brown - I was actually impressed with you and your sister wives for NOT pressuring your younger brother Curtis to take up polygamy like you have. Kody Brown revealed a tolerant side on the latest episode of Sister Wives on June 10th's episode.

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Kody Brown Brother Not Polygamist

Not surprisingly, considering that he has now has fathered a family of 17 children, Kody revealed that he himself grew up in a polygamist family of ten.

In this week’s episode , three of Kody’s brothers – Scott, Curtis and Michael – come to visit and older brother Scott it turns out, is also a staunch polygamist with two wives.

Surprise, surprise however – middle brother, Curtis is a committed monogamist with only one wife – Erica.

Erica admits that she was worried about marrying into the Brown family – “would I be drinking a special brand of Kool-Aid or what?” – she confessed on the show. But she says she was happily accepted as a monogamist by the Brown family sister wives. Her husband Curtis – and you really have to admire his conviction, considering the family that he grew up in –  is adamant that he will never, never, ever be a polygamist.

“Marriage is beautiful but I wouldn’t do it with four different women. I just need a simple relationship. Kody is a complicated guy. He needs a complicated life,” he laughs.

But to make sure we REALLY understand how he feels, Curtis repeats that “I knew I couldn’t live (polygamy). I don’t believe in it.”

Curtis also feels comfortable having a beer, while Kody and Scott look deeply uncomfortable when the bros hit a bar. Their religion doesn’t permit drinking alcohol, Kody explains.

Younger brother Michael has one wife so far but is not adverse to adding a second to the marriage, we learn.

“He’s 24, it’s time,” announces polygamy enabler Meri, Kody’s wife #1.

Still, Michael looked deeply uncomfortable about taking on multiple wives even as he joked about it. “His wife will have to know the other woman, like her and approve of her to start the process,” Kody gleefully explains. Oy!

Nevertheless, I do have to hand it to the Browns because they embrace Curtis and Erica despite their commitment to monogomy.

And even more surprisingly on the tolerance front Kody says that “I’ve told my children that they can choose their faith but it will break my heart if they chose another.”

Well, I guess we can’t ask for more than that from Kody and the Browns. They will accept and love their children even if they chose not to be polygamists!

Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – we’re impressed!

Bonnie Fuller

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