Eric Dane Speaks Out About Lexie's Death On 'Grey's Anatomy'

Actor Eric Dane talks about Chyler Leigh's tragic departure from the show. Does he think Mark and Lexie are soul mates? We were all devastated when Lexie died on Grey's Anatomy but nobody was more upset than Mark Sloan himself. So what does the actor who plays Mark, Eric Dane, feel about Chyler Leigh leaving the show?

Lexie Grey Dies

Eric told E! Online that he wasn’t entirely surprised by Lexie’s death. “I knew that Chyler wanted to spend some more time with her family, and it’s difficult,” he said. “It’s a tough schedule to keep up and she’s been working on the show for five seasons, so I wasn’t shocked. A little surprised, but not shocked, and we’re going to miss her.”

Still, even though Lexie is gone, does he see her as Mark’s soul mate? “I think so. I think that’s how it ended up.”


Meanwhile, Sarah Drew, whose character April drew wrath from Lexie fans who claimed April should have been the one to die in the season finale, admitted she cried when she found out Chyler was leaving. “We were all weeping at the table read because nobody knew it was coming,” she revealed. “There were rumors that maybe somebody might die, but nobody knew who. Well I guess she knew, but the rest of us didn’t! We really did sob our way through that table read, it was pretty sad.”

Are you still torn up about Lexie dying? Do you wish the plane had, er, crushed someone else? Sound off in the comments!

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