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Chris Brown's Hard Work & Fab 'Today' Show Performance Have Earned Him Forgiveness

Fri, June 8, 2012 1:06pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 29 Comments
Chris Brown Performance

Chris has worked incredibly hard to redeem himself since his terrible assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, but now it’s time for us to give him a second chance. Rihanna has forgiven him, he’s fulfilled his sentence and his devotion to his music, his art and his fans deserve applause.

Chris Brown has to be one of the most talented performers in the world. His terrific Today show performance June 8 blew the audience away. He radiated positive energy in a totally polished song-and-dance performance. He was careful NOT to lip synch but still managed to move his famous fast feet at almost the speed of sound.

For the 18,000-plus crowd, some of whom slept in line to see him, it was worth every second of the wait. Chris, 23, knows how to pull off a show-stopping good time for his fans. And he happily tweeted thanks to those fans after the show – “Thx to all teambreezy who woke up so damn early to see me perform! I love y’all!.”

Yes, there are those who will never forgive Chris for his inexcusable behavior with Rihanna, 24. BUT, I believe most people deserve second chances and Chris is more than worthy of a one. You have to remember how young he was when he attacked Rihanna — 19 — and he grew up in a terrifying household, where his stepfather regularly attacked his mother. Children unfortunately often mimic the behavior that they see even if they know it is wrong. Chris has talked about how frightened and horrified he was by his stepfather’s behavior.

Since the attack, he has taken anger-management classes, fulfilled community service without complaint and has restored a friendly relationship, and more with Rihanna. Multiple sources have told us that there is “mutual love, respect and admiration” between the two even if they have their disagreements still. And of course they have each sung on each other’s records – “Birthday Cake Remix” and “Turn Up the Music Remix.”

Chris is intensely career-focused. His new album, Fortune, will be released July 3, he has an art show opening in NYC on June 11 at the Opera House, and a film, Battle of the Year: The Dream Team, comes out next year.

People who work with Chris regularly tell us he’s “a good kid” and that there is no sign of his former anger issues. “He gets annoyed like other people but nothing that’s any different from anyone else,” a close associate reports. “If only the media would let that s**t from four years ago go.”

Well, what happened wasn’t s**t but if it never happens again, Chris deserves the opportunity to move on and to be judged on his talent and hard work.

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Bonnie Fuller

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