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Taylor Swift: Write Another Song & Tell John Mayer Off AGAIN

Thu, June 7, 2012 7:00pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 41 Comments
Taylor Swift John Mayer Song

John Mayer has a big mouth. He called Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm,” he blabbed about dumping Jennifer Aniston and now he’s attacked you as a “cheap songwriter.” Go for it Taylor, give it right back to him and diss him in a new song like he dissed you!

Taylor Swift – you don’t have to take John Mayer‘s “cheap shots” at you in the new June 21 issue of Rolling Stones.

John, who has notoriously spoken out about the sexual attributes of former girlfriends has the nerve to complain that you wrote a song called “Dear John,” presumably about him.

Yes, the song was pretty pointed and made it very clear that the John involved took major advantage of a young you. “Don’t you think nineteen is too young, to be played by your dark, twisted games,”  you wrote.

Taylor, you were linked to John, now 34, in January 2010 and apparently you were bitten pretty hard. “My days once revolved around you,” you sang.

Well, whatever John did – and he was a far more experienced lover – he broke your heart in two.

I don’t really know why John would have been surprised that you wrote a song about him. That’s what you do. You wrote “Forever and Always”, widley believed to be about Joe Jonas, “The Story of Us”, supposedly about Joe Jonas, “Back to December”, believably about Taylor Lautner, and “Innocent” about surprise attacker, Kanye West.

Taylor – you sing your mind.

And now that John has had the nerve – yes, giant nerve to complain, that you didn’t take his romantic mistreatment silently, I hope you feel empowered all over again, to sing him out again.

After all, the guy whined to Rolling Stone magazine that “Dear John” “really humiliated me at a time when I’d been dressed down.”

How would you know that he was feeling particularly low and so what…

But to say that your song was “cheap songwriting” and that you were “abusing your talent to rub your hands together and go ‘Wait till he gets a load of that’, that’s bullshit.” No John, THAT is bullshit.

Taylor – you as a songwriter are entitled to write a song about anything you want. And you have always written about your relationships and your emotional state. Lots of songwriters do that.

John Mayer knew when he had a romance with you that you were a) a whole lot younger than he was and b) you had written songs about past romances.

He chose to get involved with you anyway and then to most probably dump you, so he should have stayed quiet and lived with the consequences.

As you told Vogue in its February issue: “The only way I can feel better about myself – pull myself out of that awful pain of losing someone – is writing songs about it to get some clarity.”

So Taylor – do it again. Don’t let John Mayer have the nasty last word – start songwriting!

Bonnie Fuller

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