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Spoiler Party: Tara's Dark Future On 'True Blood' & More TV Scoop

Wed, June 6, 2012 5:26pm EDT by Andy Swift 1 Comment

Get the latest scoop on some of your favorite summer shows, including ‘Teen Wolf ‘ and ‘The L.A. Complex.’

Summer TV is already in full swing, and I know you’re dying to find out what’s happening next on your favorite guilty pleasures. This week’s Spoiler Party has scoop on the most dysfunctional couple of The L.A. Complex‘s just-announced second season, the major mystery of Teen Wolf‘s current season, and so much more.

The L.A. Complex

The CW officially announced today that it will air the second season of The L.A. Complex beginning July 17, so let’s celebrate with a little scoop! I spoke with Benjamin Charles Watson about the future of Tariq’s relationship with Kaldrick King (Andra Fuller), and it doesn’t sound like it’s going to get any less emotional — or violent. “Let’s just put it this way: I shot last Thursday and Friday and I spent those two days bawling my eyes out,” Ben told me. “Then I slept for 36 hours straight, because I’ve been so emotionally drained and exhausted. There are going to be a lot of surprises.”

True Blood

We all know waiting sucks, but that’s fine, because True Blood‘s fifth season FINALLY arrives June 10! And while you’ve probably already heard that Tara (Rutina Wesley) will still be a part of the show, you might be surprised to learn that her presence isn’t necessarily a good thing — for anybody. Even after the season’s first four episodes, which I’ve been fortunate enough to see, it’s unclear whether Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) BFF should be considered a friend or foe. As for how she will remain in Bon Temps, I’m afraid to say I’m sworn to secrecy. (No, seriously, HBO sent me a letter!) So hit up the comments section with your best guess: Zombie? Vampire? Ghost? Anything’s possible!

Teen Wolf

You know that crazy freakin’ lizard creature we met on the second episode of Teen Wolf‘s second season? You can expect to see it again — a lot, actually. “Pretty much, how last season everyone was trying to find out who the Alpha was, you’ll spend a little under half the season trying to find out who or what this thing really is,” Colton Haynes told me. Any guesses? At this point, it could be practically anyone in Beacon Hills. (Also, click here to watch my full interview with Colton and Holland Roden. It’s fun!)


One of my favorite aspects of the pilot for ABC Family’s new series Bunheads was the interaction between Michelle (Sutton Foster) and her uptight mother-in-law Fanny (Kelly Bishop) — specifically the fireworks that went off when they butted heads. So can we expect more tension between them in the future? “They’re a little less Emily and Lorelai [from Gilmore Girls] and a little more Lucy and Ethel [from I Love Lucy],” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino explained to me. “They’re friendly, but when you get artistic people in a room together, they’re all freakin’ crazy. There will always be a great amount of conflict between the two women, but also they’ll also find each other fun.” (So, basically, expect the fireworks to continue. And never stop.)

Jane By Design

It’s pretty clear that Jane (Erica Dasher) and Nick (Matthew Atkinson) are over, but there’s one Jane By Design romance that might still be salvagable — actually, make that bromance. “Billy and Nick bonded during Jane’s trip to L.A., but that new friendship got betrayed when Nick kissed Lulu,” creator April Blair explains. “In these 10 episodes, we deal with Nick and Billy, that friendship. That’s been really fun.” (Plus, click here for five more exclusive Jane spoilers!)

— Andy Swift