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'Jane By Design' Creator Reveals New Love Interests For Jane & Billy, Plus More Scoop

Wed, June 6, 2012 3:05pm EDT by Andy Swift 23 Comments

New lovers! Old secrets! Same crazy India! has five major ‘Jane By Design’ spoilers straight from creator April Blair.

Jane’s (Erica Dasher) life has always been complicated, but the summer premiere of Jane By Design turned her whole world upside down — and creator April Blair promises that the madness has only just begun. From new boys (Eli, anyone?) to old rivals (hello, India!), April gave me the low-down on what we can look forward to as we finish out the show’s freshman season.

1. New love interests for Jane AND Billy: “There will be different people in Jane and Billy’s [Nick Roux] lives,” April confirms — and she’s not just talking about Jane’s new love interest Eli (Bryan Dechart)! Billy will have someone new enter the picture, just like Jane had Eli enter the picture, but I will say we don’t just wipe the Jane/Billy slate clean. There’s something still bubbling beneath the surface with those two. If Jane and Billy ended up together after [his big confession], there wouldn’t be anything to root for.”

2. Gray’s softer side comes out (and yes, she does have one): “Eli coming to Donovan Decker brings out a more maternal side to Gray,” April teases. “He brings out the best in her. Don’t get me wrong, Gray [Andie MacDowell] doesn’t become a sweet heart, but you’ll see more layers to her with him around.”

3. A new woman comes between Ben & Rita: Could Ben (David Clayton Rogers) and Rita (Smith Cho) be any cuter? The answer, of course, is no. “They’re so much fun, and they have a lot of great stuff coming up,” April tells me. “We spend a lot more time with their relationship than we did before.” As for Rita’s glam new look, April warns fans, “Just wait. Someone new arrives on the scene at school and Rita has to step it up big time!” But that’s not the only problem ahead. “As his relationship with Rita grows, helping Jane keep her secret will also become more complicated,” April reveals.

4. India’s sweet revenge on Gray (and Jane): Not only is India (India de Beaufort) back in the mix for the foreseeable future, but as April so eloquently puts it, “She’s also got a sassy new haircut. She’s fun to hate. Suddenly, she’s supervising this capsule collection that Donovan Decker is designing, so now she’s Gray’s supervisor. The balance of power has shifted, so that creates a lot of mischief for India to get into. She’s in power and she wields it.” (I have chills!)

5. More of Jeremy’s secrets spill out: “As Jeremy [Rowly Dennis] becomes Jane’s mentor, things between he and India become more complicated,” April says. “Even though he tried to tell Gray’s ex that he didn’t want to be the mole anymore, there’s still fallout from that. He also has romantic complications with India. A lot of things explode between he and Jane and India as more of his secrets come out.”

What’s your take on these spoilers, Jane fans? Are you excited to see sparks fly between Jane and Eli, or would you rather she skip all that and go straight to Billy? And are you secretly rooting for India to get her revenge on Gray? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below, and check out ABC Family’s official Jane By Design page for more show info.

— Andy Swift